16 10 2012
So this week has been a lot faster than the first week.  We are no longer the “blue dots” so that’s pretty nice.  I am really enjoying my stay here at the CTM but I’ ll tell you…if we got out in 6 weeks that would be amazing.  I’m already so pumped to go to Belem.  They haven’t said anything to us about it (due to the recent changes in regards to MTC stays being shortened) so I doubt we will be leaving earlier than expected.  When they made the announcement, all the elders and sisters kinda started cheering.  That’s so cool how the Lord is hastening his work right before our eyes.  But Wow all of conference was amazing.  It’s the best conference I’ve ever had for sure.  They say that conference is the real Christmas down here and its true. Not only because of the amazing talks but because its the only real time we get to rest.  I think Hollands talk was my favorite.  No surprise there.  Thanks for the gift card and pizza party!  I’m super excited to use that!  Haha everyone is so jealous that I get so much from my family and friends. So I had a couple really good experiences this week. I taught my first lesson in Portuguese without using any notes. It was grammatically awful but I did it.. haha.  Meu campaniero struggled a little bit though.  The other guy in my room, Elder Peterson, was kinda on his own in companion study because his companion is one of the guys who doesn’t like to follow rules and was asleep.  So I invited him to study with me and Elder Whitaker.  It was a great experience because he seemed really excited to and it was crazy how alike the things we studied were.  I was reading in 2 Nephi 9 (its amazing how the scriptures are like…different down here.  There are things I swear didn’t use to be in the scriptures) about the atonement and Jacob testifying of it,  and he was studying the same thing.  Then we discussed our goals of things we wanted to get out of conference and our goals were like the same!  I was really looking for how I could learn to have a stronger desire for serving and how to gain a stronger desire to learn the language for the right reasons.  So I could serve rather than so I could speak it as well as the other guys.  And that’s why Hollands talk was so great.  He talked about When Christ asked Peter three times if he loved him.  And if he did, then why the heck is he fishing!!!  Well if I truely love the Christ then that’s why I need to be out here serving a mission.  That’s why I need to learn the language.  To serve the Lord.
Tell allies i said good luck in volleyball and I can’t wait to hear about basketball season too.  Brittany…if its not to late then I give you permission to name the baby after me.  Haha Josh is going to Vegas…o boy.  He’s gonna love it there.  I really appreciate your story dad.  It helps a lot.  It’s not always an easy thing to deal with but I’ve learned how to cope pretty well so far.
I guess i could tell you what I normally do here.  Personal companion study is in the morning and then gym and then we go to classes.  In class all we really do is practice teaching investigators.  I’m currently teaching 3.  Well 2  and a half.  The last one is in something called TRC where they film you teaching and then criticize you afterwards.  We got out of it this first week though.  But yea, we are really kinda left on our own to learn the language.  It’s a lot of personal study.
So I had an amazing experience at the temple today.  When I was in the celestial room, I was praying and when I finished, I felt the spirit stronger than Iever have before in my life.  I almost couldn’t breathe it was so overwhelming.  I can’t really describe everything but it was really amazing.
On a less serious not the Portuguese word of the week…def peidei.  Pronounced Payday.  And it means I farted.  Me and Elder Peterson go at it all day…The Brazilians think its the funniest thing that we know that.
I suppose that’s all for now!
2 Nephi 22:2 🙂
-Elder Fischer



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