Week 4 CTM 10-16-12

11 12 2012

I am sorry I have been so behind in posting Elder Fischer’s letters.  There has been some discussion on whether to continue the blog.  I will post his letters over the next few days in order to bring everything up to date. Stacey – letter is below


So this is the start of week four at the CTM! The time has really been going very quickly. I think it describes it best by saying “The days seem like weeks, but the weeks seem like days.” The days are long but the weeks just fly by. The baby looked great! Haha I can’t wait to make myself the favorite… haha well this week was pretty normal. The Portuguese is coming along as always but it’s still pretty tough. It’s crazy to think that I’m coming up on my halfway mark in the CTM. So we got Brazilians in our room this past week. One of them is dating a 15 year old girl and wears her perfume…haha its super weird but he is pretty cool and can speak just a little bit of English so that’s pretty good. It helps with my Portuguese being able to talk to him. The other is pretty quiet but is still pretty cool. Also, last week we had our first week of TRC. They film you teaching an investigator and then you watch and they help you make improvements. It’s pretty scary but I was able to get through it.


I went to the police station this week. I think we were registering for citizenship or something. I could have just signed my life over to Brazil but who knows…haha. Also the temple was great as always. I’m finally learning my way around Sao Paulo to so that’s good. I’ve finally found some people to play basketball with too. It makes gym pretty fun. It’s really hard not to get competitive but I’ve been able to manage. I think my wrist is about 100% too. It hasn’t really bothered me at all. I also play a bit of volleyball during gym so I’ll be sure to whoop up on Allie when I get back..hehe. Well like I said, this week has just been kind of like a normal week so I don’t have a ton to say. I think I have started to realize why I have the companion I do though. I’ve noticed that he has started following and copying a lot of the things I do. And honestly, there are probably only one or two other people in our district that could put up with him. I’ve learned a ton from the experience so I am thankful for that.

So someone told us some stories about Belem this week. Apparently they have hand sized cockroaches that fly. They don’t die when you step on them. haha I figure the best way to take them out is to spray some axe and light the suckers on fire.  hahaha. They have black widows which I’m not to excited about. When you sleep you really have to have a fan, not because it’s so hot but because it keeps the bugs off of you. Apparently if you don’t you will just feel huge bugs running into you while you sleep. They have spiders the size of your hands that jump…yes they jump. Also they have little racquets that are electric that can kill bugs. Apparently the bugs are on steroids up in Belem and they don’t work on them. haha. Someone that went to Belem told us all these things and he also told us a story about when someone became a warrior. When you say it in Portuguese, its slang for I pooped my pants. hahaha. So they say you haven’t served in Brazil until you poop in your pants. I refuse to let that happen though. haha.

Haha that’s funny that you guys had Kristen over Wednesday. But she should know that I’m still going to be the favorite. She won’t be able to steal that from me.

I have noticed this week how easy it would be the break the rules. There are a few computers here with working internet and they really don’t watch over you at all. It’s sad to see all the people here that aren’t here for the right reasons. Constantly breaking rules and doing things they shouldn’t. You can really tell a difference in the spirit when its going on too. Like they will break a rule and say “what are they going to do? Send me home?” I’m just like..yea so you shouldn’t do it. All you can do is pray for them and hope that they have that change of heart though. So I’ve really grown to love reading the scriptures here. I wish I could just read them straight through in English but I’ve decided I need to spend more time reading them in Portuguese. Well that’s about all the time I have for now. I meant to bring my journal this week so I could remember what all happened and give you guys a good letter but I forgot! sorry!


-Elder Fischer


Oh yeah and I almost forgot! Happy late birthday dad!!! I wish I could have emailed you on your actual birthday! Sorry! And now that you’re one year older, I am def speedier than you! hahah. which reminds me, this week we had a child’s day where all the workers and people dress up as kids in celebration for them that should be a celebration in the usa:) ok i gotta go really now!


-Love you all!



oh yea and about that package, if you dont mind, can you look for a mini Preach my gospel book. That would be awesome for the field. That’s all I can think of for now. Maybe some deodorant because I don’t think they have good stuff down here. I can’t think of anything else right now but I’ll keep you posted!


Thanks a bunch!





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