Week 5 CTM 10-23-12

11 12 2012

Sorry this is so late posting – will be catching up over the next few days…

Overall this week went by pretty fast and I enjoyed it. It’s all getting pretty repetitive but I’m about half way through the CTM. This week we really started speaking to our Brazilian roommates more and our classes are all Portuguese. It’s been hard but it has been fun too. Both of our Brazilian roommates are pretty fun but they don’t like each other. And they hate it when we fart. hahaha but they will have to get over that. We did the pull my finger trick on them and they were disgusted. They did say they thought I’ld speak pretty good Portuguese once I finally learned it though..just because I talk fast apparently.

So last Monday, I had had one of my rougher days of the CTM. I just didn’t really remember a lot of the Portuguese I had learned and it was a little frustrating. But I had an awesome experience the next day. We have someone who use to be a mission president in Recife come talk to us and he said  some really comforting words about not stressing the language but really focusing on faith. The rest of the week turned out great. Everything was just awesome so that was a good experience for me to have.

So one of our instructors told us a story about his mission this week. He told us about an investigator he was talking to and he had challenged him to read 1 Nephi 3:7. Turns out the investigator read 3 Nephi 3: 7. You’ll have to look that one up and imagine how that went over with the investigator.

In church this past week we talked about Chiasms. Idk if you all have heard of those or not. We talked about it in BOM at BYU but I never really looked into it any more than that. It’s basically a form of writing that was used a super long time ago. And there have been some found in the Book of Mormon. Alma 36..I think, is the one I’ve been looking at. It’s really interesting. I had them marked and was going to share them with you all, but I left my scriptures in the room. It’s basically abcdcba. The first thing they will talk about in the chapter will correspond with the last thing and they meet up in the middle. And that chapter is about Alma talking to his son about his experience so it’s pretty cool to see it all play out. And it just proves that the Book of Mormon is true because there is no way that Joseph Smith could have done that on his own when chiasms weren’t even discovered until these past 30 years.

Some pretty funny things happened this week. First of all, my companion was reading the dictionary which is weird anyway, but after that, I heard this weird alien sound, so I looked up and he had this crazy looking face and was slowly raising his head making this sound. I have no idea what was going on still. He also kind of had a meltdown this week. We were talking about if golf was a sport or not one night after classes and he just freaked out on us and said the conversation wasn’t celestial. So I kinda chilled with it but others just kept talking. He ended up throwing his tic tac case on the ground and smashing it (he missed the first time) and got to the point where he was even crying a little. Later that night I kinda tried to make him feel better and comfort him. He told me later that week that he really appreciated it and it made him feel better. But it happened a second time too apparently. Some Brazilians in our room were trying to pronounce “beach” and “focus”. Needless to say it wasn’t turning out to well for them. I left after a while to go brush my teeth and when I came back they said he had started yelling at him really loud saying they had to leave his room right then. I’ve had three people come up to me this week and say they don’t know how I can deal with him but they also said that they think I was his companion for a reason. They said they didn’t think anyone else could really put up with him. I’m still working on it but I’m doing the best I can with him. And some times he is entertaining.

Other random things this week…Hmm TRC (which is where they record you teaching) went pretty well so that made me happy. I rolled my ankle playing basketball but I was able to keep playing and it’s just a little sore.  Apparently a lot of Brazilians get engaged down here before their missions. I know like 5 personally. It’s kinda weird but it’s normal for them I guess. I learned about Catholics belief in purgatory, dad..if you remember from supernatural at all. Speaking on supernatural, last night I woke up and I heard my companion screaming “it hurts” like 5 times. I just went back to sleep and asked him about it in the morning. he didn’t remember it at all…but there was an elder from Chile who had a bloody murder screaming night terror like two weeks ago. My first thought when I heard Elder Whitaker screaming was “SAM!” haha. We may need them to come help us out. Well that’s about all I have time for. If you get time you should really study about those chiasms. They are really cool. Also I always skipped 2 Nephi because people said it was boring. There is so amazing things in 2 Nephi – it’s an awesome book. Well I hope you all are doing well and it’s nice to hear from you all constantly! Stay classy!


-Elder Fischer




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