Week 6 CTM 10-29-12

12 12 2012

It’s crazy that we are starting the 6th week already! So I don’t have an official date for when I leave. All I know is it is 4 weeks from today. I have no idea where I will be going or what the address will be. But I’ll let everyone know as soon as I can. And as far as skyping, I have no idea whether I will be able to skype or call or who I will be able to. And I won’t be able to figure out until I am in the mission. Mom I don’t remember what I told you for my package but none of this is to urgent. I just wanted to make sure you knew I needed deodorant, my retainer if you can find it and a small mini pmg book in Portuguese.

So Billings Montana sounds like it’s the happening place. They must being growing bishops in Montana huh? haha that’s awesome thought! Be sure to tell Connor I said congratulations. In response to dad, I don’t know what story you are talking about so be sure to tell me all about it next week. So the fact that Elder Stanley visited this week is pretty crazy. Because this week I just had to desire to read granddaddy and grandpas conversion story so I actually knew who everyone was and a lot of the facts that you were talking about. It is a pretty awesome story!

This week was pretty great. I guess I’ll start off with fun stories. One of my companion’s goals this week was to tell Elder Fischer that he was cool. Haha it was pretty flattering to me. He had a pretty normal week overall and some of the faces and things he does are actually starting to grow on me. He did draw 5 rings on his fingers in pen this week. And then he licked the ink off. I’m worried about his sanitation… This next one is probably my favorite story of the week. I was in the bathroom fighting the troops and I heard someone talking in a smegal voice. I was kinda scared because it sounded really good. But I thought it was just Brazilians because they always make crazy sounds. But to make a long story short, I went to the room after I was done and told him about it. Turns out it was him and he said he was going back and forth from mirror to mirror talking in that voice because he thought he was alone. Awkward. Hmm funny missionary mistakes this week…apparently one of my instructors students tried to tell someone that “joseph smith was killed by those who rejected the gospel.” instead he said that joseph smith killed those who rejected the gospel… minor mistake.

The only new thing I heard about Belem this week is that they have ants that fly around. Oh yeah and when you smash them, there is acid that gives you 3rd degree burns. God has a sense of humor. Why is that necessary!!!! haha.

So this week I learned a lot doctrine wise. We were called apostles with little a’s because we are over the area that we serve in. That put into perspective how important our work is. Also mom, i was reading in Mosiah and I came across Mosiah chapter 4 verse 27. Remember you don’t have to do everything:) just the best you can. also D&C 10:4 is a good one:) they made me thing about you because you always work so hard even when it’s not your job.

So President Deign gave an amazing fireside last Tuesday. He blessed us with an incredibly strong promise. If I have time I’ll type it at the end of this email. But it was really cool because I had been reading in Mosiah about King Benjamins address. I had read it the night after he gave the talk. It talked about how we are so minor in all the world and all our efforts really don’t make a dint in what needs to be done. But when we do our best, the Lord blesses us and will always keep his promises. That brought me so much comfort because President Deigns promise was so strong and I know that they were the Lords words.

Today at the temple we ran into some nice people who were just walking around. The women talked to us for about 15 mins telling us our conversion story. I actually understood that her family didn’t want her to be baptized, but she wanted to and was praying for the missionaries to come. The arrived shortly after she had been praying and she was baptized so after. Her husband was baptized after her. They talked to us a lot about Belem too. It was comforting to me that I could understand them a little bit. I may have cheated a little since I was fresh out of the temple though. Maybe a little extra help was given:)

Well that’s all I have time for today! Sorry I didn’t have much time!


-Elder Fischer


“In accordance with your worthiness, and faithfulness, (you will be blessed) as you are struggling, and you will feel the healing, peaceful influence of the holy ghost. You will be blessed with the gift of tongues.  You will be blessed with faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. You will be blessed with a vision of your calling to your mission calling, and you will be blessed with faith to work miracles in your lives, and the lives of your investigators”





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