Week 7 in CTM 11-06-12

12 12 2012

I’m getting so close to Belem I can almost taste it! haha. My departure dates will be early morning on the 27th! This week has been pretty normal. I’m losing things to write in my journal and emails because it has become very repetitive. haha. I still enjoy it though. I’m just ready to be dealing with actual people and real investigators! I got your cinnamon rolls today! They were very good! Thank you very much for this! You guys are going to make me fat. It’s ok though because I’ll probably sweat it all off up in Belem. Also, of course Madi is talking about me. Let’s be honest, I’m still the favorite. haha jk jk. That’s really interesting what you said about posting about missionaries on social websites. Why is it that they warn against that? Whatever you guys chose to do is fine. I’m not too worried about it. ALLIE! Congrats on Varsity! That’s crazy! But don’t get too cocky…remember that all your talents and blessings and strengths in life come from me:) hehe or the Lord. But I’m really proud of you! Even if this year isn’t as fun, it will make you so much better in the long run!

So everyone here is pretty anxious to hear about the election. Luckily my district is pretty close with the Steadman’s here and they get all that information so we will probably be informed by tomorrow about the whole situation.

Like I said, this week was pretty normal. Other than the fact that we had fast Sunday which are very very hungry here… haha but I also love them at the same time. We had a mission conference where we had a two hour meeting and then a sacrament meeting. We also had a devotional that night. All the topics for every single one of these meetings was obedience to all the Lords commandments. It was pretty cool that it played out that way. I hope it whips people here into shape. I’m far from perfect so I’m sure I needed it just as much.

My companion and I are doing well. I finally talked to him about showering every day. He actually took it pretty well. That was pretty good. We’ve begun to develop more of a friend and companion relationship rather than me being his guide. I’ve been working really hard and praying so it’s always nice to see the Lords hand in your life. He did tell me that his dad was extremely impractical and you couldn’t ever convince him that you were right if he thought he was right. As he was talking to me I was just like…if only you knew how much you were like your dad…haha. This week I have been really appreciative that I  have him rather than some other guys in my district though. I feel that I was honestly prepared to have him as a companion for the past couple years. Some other guys in our district may be more normal guys but they just don’t share the desire to serve and be obedient that they need to have. This past week we have really cracked down on our district rules so it has been tough and frustrating for them. I’m blessed that I don’t have to worry about my companion breaking these rules…except when he goes off about carnivorous plants. At that point, there is no stopping him. Haha those are his favorite. And it doesn’t really break a mission rule. It just gets things off topic which is against our district goals. He makes really funny noises a lot which honestly help me get through the days. haha. They can be really entertaining. He has an alien voice that he uses and he kept saying “join us” this week. I have no idea what that means. Haha. Also this week he was stabbing the air with a pen. I asked him what he was doing. He said he was stabbing a whale with an hypodermic needle that had automatic reloading. HAHAH I just couldn’t hold it in. But we have fun together so it’s all good!

The spirit continues to be strong here. The temple is amazing. I can’t believe I only have 2 more temple trips for two years:( When I get back I def. want to go visit as many temple as possible especially those so close to me in Utah. I think that will be awesome…especially when we can as a family. Too bad that will be a while since Allie can’t get married until she is 40. I guess she can go on a mission though. Then we can all go together!

I got a little sick this week. The actual sickness didn’t last long at all and the cough I got from it won’t go away. It has been keeping me up pretty late into the night, like 1:30…haha but I got a blessing last night and that was a really cool experience too. My companion gave that to me. Well it sounds like you all are doing great! I’ll keep praying for you all! You don’t have to worry about me! I’m doing great and I’m super anxious to get out into BELEM!


I love you guys!

-Elder Fischer


And that’s alllll she wrote





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