Week 7 CTM 11-13-12

13 12 2012

Apparently this week was just the week for our family to get sick! I think I told you guys last week that I had gotten a pretty nasty cough and a sore throat. There is just a little cough remaining from that so I’m all good now. I hope everyone back home is doing alright too. So I guess it’s about that time that you guys start changing the address for my letters! Please make that announcement of Facebook too! I don’t have an address yet but I will get it to you all as soon as possible. I’m sure you guys have the mission home address but I’d like to give you guys the official addresses when I get it.

So it’s just been another normal week here in the CTM. The language has been getting better. Some concepts in grammar are finally just making sense. It’s for sure a blessing of the Lord because I feel that I haven’t put that much more effort into it. I decided I wanted to finish the Book of Mormon before I leave the CTM. In English obviously…haha. I just started Alma so I have to kick it into high gear.

Nothing really funny happened this week but I will share the stories that I have. As far as people messing up the language…Someone prayed to our “bandit” heavenly father this week. haha…My companion had a pretty normal week. He is just kind of normal now. We hid this one elder in our districts letter because he gets them every day. We were like.. let’s tell him that Elder Whitaker ate it. He respond by saying…guys I wouldn’t do that. It’s believable that I would eat it. But I wouldn’t steal it. It was pretty funny because I’ve seen him eating paper on multiple occasions.

So I really miss our old Brazilian roommates. They were so cool. I think I told you I traded him some BYU shorts that I had for some of his because he said it was his dream to have a pair of BYU shorts. Our new Brazilian roommates smell extremely bad. It’s taking some getting use to but they leave next week so I think I can power through.

This week we talked a lot about teaching people and not lessons. The example he gave us was Acts 20:9. It should be about Paul. I think that was the right one. Basically it means we need to teach good lessons.

So I did have some pretty uplifting experiences this week. We got to watch a devotional by Elder Bednar that he gave to the Provo MTC. He taught us how to really study. Which we all know I need because I have never really studied before. But he said it’s how we study the words of our prophets. I’ve found that you can use it in just about anything though. 1st you discover the doctrine being taught. The doctrine answers the why question. 2nd you find the invitation. 3rd you find the promise. I had a really cool experience because that night or the next morning…I can’t remember…I was reading in Alma 7 and I came across versus 14-16. It was basically in order how we use this technique.  It’s super helpful but obviously everyone has their own way of studying. I think I’ll use Elder Bednars though:)

The next cool thing that happened…I was teaching our fake investigator that we’ve had for the whole time here and we finally came across her problem. It was coffee which is apparently a very common problem in Brazil. And while we taught her, I just had this awesome feeling and desire to help here and want her to change. The crazy thing to me is that she isn’t even a real investigator.  It made me so excited for the field because I can’t wait to actually feel like I’m helping people. I remember when you all told me that I had a gift for naturally caring about everyone’s feelings. Which I think I get from mom…I know I get from mom…haha and sometimes, it can be stressful. But now I see why I do have this attribute in my life and I feel so blessed to have it. If I can nurture it and really do my best to keep it, I think it will really help me in my mission. Well that’s about all I have time for today. The temple was awesome as always. Too bad it’s my second to last one for two years. Also I’m getting a pen from someone in my district.  It’s called a zebra pen. Apparently they are pretty nice but take ink refills.  I was wondering if you could start looking into those.  I’ll inform you next week if there are any specifications about it.  I made need you all to send me some refills. Well I really can’t express how excited but nervous I am to be out in the field. It’s finally almost here. I love you all and can’t wait to hear from you again!

-Love Elder Fischer

P.S. Weston I met another guy from SVU that played basketball with you and Elder Allen. His name is Elder Morris. I think his first name is either Martin or Michael…I can’t remember. But he is a pretty cool guy. Lemme know if you know him!

P.S. In case anyone was wondering I’m still putting on the KB, 24, jellybeans, baby boy, black mamba, Bryant game face up here….in volleyball and basketball. I got the west LA fade away down…Game over when i get back;) Belem Brazil district can’t be beaten in sports.




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