Week 8 in CTM 11-20-12

13 12 2012

Ola familia! Yes this is my last week here at the CTM but who’s counting…haha finally I get to go to BELEM! I have enjoyed it here but I can’t wait any longer to go! I appreciate the packages that you guys sent. I haven’t had the chance to get over to Cheney’s yet today. I guess you guys should stop using that this week though because I’ll probably just send regular mail in the field. You guys are going to get my fat off of Cheneys!

So I’ve heard rumors that we get turkey and mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving. Just rumors though so I’m not getting my hopes up. However, I do hope that we have pineapples and mangos because those are the most delicious things here. Sorry but I have no information of travels yet so I can’t give that to you! I guess I’ll tell you how it goes after! haha. And my companion is headed to Belem as well. There are 5 of us in our district and then another group of Brazilians going down with us too.

I’ll look forward to those pictures of everyone! I’m excited to see them! Don’t worry about the maps for Belem. I’m sure I’ll be able to get one or I will be given one. Madi…I miss Madi so much. haha. And I’m sure I’d miss Kate if I knew her:( haha. hmmm I have to admit that the beginning of dads letter made me laugh very hard. I got some weird looks from the people here in the lab. haha.

So my week…I guess be sure to change my address on Facebook. I’m not sure what my new address will be other than the mission home right now though. Sorry! That pen that I was talking about  the refills for it are F-301- Zebra pen. If you don’t mind sending me some, that would be awesome! In respond to Weston’s Information, I’m so glad you gave me a Kobe update. You guys should record some playoff games for me… and those experiences from your ward sounded awesome. Hopefully by about this time next week, I’ll be having some for myself.  Speaking of Kobe…I’ve perfected the west L.A. fade away. You can tell Grant and Spencer to be nervous… Also when we play volleyball, I’ve been granted Brazilian feet apparently, since I’ve been here… Somehow I’m able to play volleyball with me feet. Haha but volleyball has gotten fun. Our district still hasn’t lost a game, we challenge every district we can…it’s all good fun.

Elder Adamson and myself get all the sets from people so it’s fun to spike it in peoples FACE! haha even though the instructors tell us to calm down sometime..haha. This past week I’ve found myself slipping on English words and saying Portuguese words on accident. I also had a couple Portuguese words in my dream….weeeeeiiiird!

So this past Wednesday, we had Elder Costa speak to us. He is the area president and member of the 70. He did an amazing job. Its honestly one of the best talks I’ve ever heard. I wish I could see it like 5 more times. I can only imagine what they are spoiled with in Provo. For some reason it really upset my companion though. He said he didn’t like the way he presented it because it felt like he was telling him what to do. I was just thinking that he kinda has the right as the Area President but I didn’t really argue with him because he said he hated every second of it. He even was crying for a little. But Elder Costa talked about mission work and working with members and his mission. He did a really good job

Something that really struck me hard this week was something I learned in class. We were talking about struggles and trials. And I always knew they were given to make us stronger but I never thought of it as deeply as we talked about it. We talked about how each specific trial that is given to someone, is given to bring that person closer to God. It was just awesome to hear because it really lets you know how God really knows us individually. And we can think, this trial suck, why can’t I speak the language as well as this other person… but in reality, it a blessing. Because maybe you can’t speak it as well, so you will learn to rely more heavily on the spirit. It was a real eye opener to me!

So this last week we have been giving everyone compliment in our district each night. People told me that I was Kobe. I had magic fingers and they liked how obedient I was. How I tried to obey with exactness. They also told me how sincere I was and they felt like I would be the good Samaritan in the district…That if someone needed a helping hand, I would be the one to turn around and give that to them. All their compliments were really uplifting and a great experience for me.

Yesterday was my first day of proselyting in Sao Paulo! It went pretty awesome! I have some nice tan lines already. Elder Whitaker and I gave out 5 Book of Mormons. It’s all we had and we got one contact. I think my favorite one was Igor. He called us over and asked about our underwear…but I explained that it was sacred and he ended up being receptive. He even said he works there every day if we wanted to come back by. The Lord really blessed me yesterday because I’m not normally one for going up to random people and starting to talk to them but yesterday I had no problem with it. I had been praying for a while that I would receive help. It was a great answer to my prayers. I wish I had more time to tell you more about people we met. One guy knew English but we didn’t find out until about 10 mins into talking to him when we were leaving! haha but he was super nice. His name was Vitor. He was probably my second favorite.! Well I have to go now! I Can’t wait to here from you again!


-Love, Elder Fischer


“Faith is the power, Obedience is the price, Love is the Motive, The spirit is the key, and Christ is the reason”


-James E. Faust





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