Week 2 in the mission field 12-03-12

18 12 2012

So I don’t really know where to start…Except that these key boards are awful and really hard to  write on…Its sounds like everyone had a fun past two weeks! It was awesome to finally read some English…I mean hear from you guys. Haha. I go to my scriptures to get away from Portuguese every once and a while.  This language will fry your brain…

So I don’t have those packages yet. I’m not in too big of a hurry because I’ve got a while till Christmas and I have a lot of other things to worry about…haha. It looks like I’m only allowed to email family and my president here in Belem still. Ummm…I guess I’ll start with everything that’s happened. Oh and way to go Allie… keeping up the prayer tradition.

We left around 7 in the morning last Tuesday. We had to wake up at 3…fun stuff!! haha. We flew from Sao Paulo into Brasilia and had about an hour layover. We were also about 30 mins late so we had no time really. Then we went to the President’s house from there. It’s more of a mission apartment than a mission home so there isn’t any room for us to store stuff. We had lunch and dinner there and they told us all about our mission. That lasted about 8 hours. I had my interview with the mish president and then that night I was off to the field! My area is called Arsenal. It’s only about 30 mins by car from the mission president’s home. It has some super nice homes and it has super poor ones as well. It’s really sad to see people sleeping out on the street…All the food has been great so far! Rice and beans and pasta! But it really has tasted good. The first day here we got bought me some food for about 3 days and then got to know the area. My Companion is Elder Chrysostomo. He is from Sao Paulo but his family is from South Africa. He speaks about 50  words in English so that’s nice. But no one in my apartment can speak English except those words he knows. Haha..That’s a little overwhelming when you need help! Actually I lied.  Two of them know a bunch of English songs. They don’t know what they mean but it’s nice to hear words of English spoken from their mouths. Elder Chrysostomo is big into American hip hop which is pretty funny with him being black and all. He will try to sing it but a lot of times he just says it wrong. But yea all four of us are new to this area so we are pretty much starting from scratch.  It’s definitely a learning experience. Schedule wise….I wake up at 6:30, get ready and study until like 12 I think. Then we go eat lunch. We have someone to feed us every day. The members here are really nice. Except one that I met on Sunday….I’ll talk about her later…haha. After lunch we tract and have appointments until 9.  We don’t stop to eat or anything. That takes some getting use to. But overall it was a pretty good week. We had 7 people with baptismal dates but I’m not sure how often those hold through. Hopefully all of them will!! I would tell you there names but all the names down here are more like sounds. Like rauasmasdljf. There’s no way I can remember them! haha

So yea, the mission field is definitely not for the faint hearted! haha. It’s definitely harder than anything you can ever imagine without actually doing it. It’s nice to have the Lord of your side though.

Sunday was an interesting experience. I didn’t understand a word but interesting. As I said the people here are incredibly nice to the missionaries…especially their young men and young boys. They just look at you like you are the king of the world. And then try to talk to you and I just have to say…Nao falo Portuguese cara. They sure get a kick out of that. 

When we ate at a member’s house Sunday for lunch, there was this woman that I mentioned earlier. She got a kick out of speaking to me as fast as she could because I couldn’t understand. And then she would just laugh so hard when I couldn’t understand. I almost went off in English. haha. The rest of their family was super nice though and she would talk normal speed to others and I understood a little. Here in Belem, they have the weirdest accents. It’s impossible to understand….words like voces, tres, des, deus…they turn into voshaysh, traysh, deash, abd deaush. They slur there words with almost…a lisp. It makes it really tough to understand.  I guess I’ll probably get use to it though.

So my companion and I get along pretty well. He’s pretty cool after study session. In the mornings and during study, he hates everyone in the world but at nights and halfway through the day he really brightens up and is really funny. He’s a good teacher to the investigators and is good with the members as well. He’s been out for about 16 months now.

Well that’s all I can think of for now!


-Love, Elder Fischer






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