Week 3 in mission field 12-11-12

21 12 2012

Well everyone that emailed me this week said to be sure to respond to all their things but that is not possible seeing as you guys sent me your life long stories. Haha but I’ll do the best that I can. No I haven’t received any letters yet and I got one package. Don’t worry about it though. Everything is all good. So my companion…he’s is super impatient with me learning the language and anytime I don’t understand.  I’ll have stories about all that when I have more time. It’s something that I’ve just had to laugh at or smile because it can be so ridiculous. Honestly he is a good teacher and missionary but he isn’t a very good trainer for Americans because he has no patience for us learning the language. 

   This week we have 2 people scheduled to be baptized. Jonas, his daughter and grandson are members. He is still praying for an answer. I can tell he wants to know it’s true but he is very stubborn too. Haha but I know he will be baptized. I feel the spirit very strong when we teach him. The second is Iziz. She had a problem with coffee, as do all Brazilians, but she has been working past it and I hope everything goes well there! We have a couple more scheduled for the next week too. We need more investigators though! It’s tough to open an area. 
 This week I had a pretty cool but simple experience. I never bring my little mission handbook with me that has all the priesthood ordinances in it, but I felt like I should last week on one random day. Turns out that someone needed a blessing that day! It was awesome to feel to Lord working through me. 

  I already don’t have much more time because we have to email the president also. But I’ll do as much as I can. I really love the members down here. They are so nice and like I said, the kids think you are some sort of king. I wrote Elder Fischer is a boss on a deacon’s hand and he went around showing everyone.  It’s really comforting to have that support from your ward. That’s definitely one thing I’ve been blessed with.  

We had stake conference this week. It was pretty cool. We got to hear from M. Russell Ballard. He started out in English and then they had some Portuguese voice take over and I couldn’t understand! haha I was so excited for a second. I could understand the just of his message, but I wanted it all. I’m selfish like that. 

Oh! yes I am right next to the amazon river. It’s a pretty amazing site, especially when the sun is setting over it. And the breeze is blowing. It feels just like the beach. But it’s not really safe to take our cameras out around here.  Especially that area! Sorry! only for my head I guess. I’ll draw a picture for you guys sometime. hehe. 

Well that’s about all I have time for! Love you guys!


-Elder Fischer




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