Life is too precious and too short to be upset. Ever. Forgive! 8/25/2014

25 08 2014

Soooo since my last email I have seriously had a blast! I can’t believe it’s been a week. The days fly by out here and me and Elder Randall are having an awesome time! Our mission standard of excellence is 20 lessons a week, 7 members present at lessons a week, 4 investigators at church, and 10 OYMS (open your mouth) a day. We got 17 lessons, 7 members, 5 investigators and all of our oyms. We were so close! We will continue to improve though and that’s what counts. Another mission goal is every companionship baptizes each month. We probably won’t get any this month but we have 4 very solid investigators on date for next month. Susan will go down on the 6th. Keoni will go down on the 6th and his mom will go down with him. Sally is another person we were able to meet this week and she has been meeting with the missionaries for yeaaaars but she should go down on the 13th! It is going to be an awesome month!!

Last Monday I went to FHE with the Ellsmore family! They are such a great family and I love being with them. Elijah is about 11. Isaac is 14. Missy is 18. Weston is 19. Ajax is 26 and their parents are great too! 3 of them are all in the process of doing their papers for their mission. That’s a lot of money…But we went over there and shared a great message on charity. Then we played apples to apples. I won:) hahaha I felt bad but I couldn’t overcome my competitive spirit and let someone else win! I had to go for the GOLD!

Since then we have had a very productive week. Ajax has gone out with us a few times. He use to smoke a lot of weed and do cocaine. But he has an incredible conversion story and is awesome to be on team-ups with. He is a huge gamer and he compared the scriptures to his video games. He said that the scriptures are like a cheat to the game of life. All the answers are sitting there and anyone can read them. But you still have to go out and do the quest to get the treasure. I thought that was interesting. It’s so important that we actively strengthen our testimonies and participate in the gospel of Jesus Christ. As you do, you will see changes in your life and miracles will be seen that you never thought were possible.

Another thing I learned and have taken great appreciation for is the fact that arguing is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of. It really is a waste of time. And if someone offends you and they don’t apologize, forgive them anyway. If you don’t, then you are only hurting yourself. Being mad is just a waste of time. Life is much more enjoyable if you are just happy and in a good mood all the time. Also, an important thing for us to learn is that if we want to help, serve, and teach others, we have to love and appreciate ourselves first. There is no reason not to love yourself and be confident in who you are. God does not make mistakes. He is perfect. And we are all his children. When we make mistakes, you cannot let that get you down because Christ looks on us with so much love. If he loves us even after we sin, then there is no reason we shouldn’t accept the gift of repentance that he has given us. Lastly, I heard something earlier this week. I think it was from President Eyring… He said that if you treated every person you met like they were in desperate need of your help, you would be right 50% of the time……..

Sooooo me and Elder Randall learned that our apartment is haunted. We have heard stories from other missionaries that have lived there. And we hear weird noises all night. So we had to fortify our beds… I’ll attach some pics.

So I don’t know if you guys remember about Yvonne from last week. We ran into her on our obedience walk. Well we were doing the same thing and we ran into her again!! The Lord wants her to be baptized. She is being stubborn though. We will keep working and praying.

It’s cool to see the Lords purpose and hand in our lives. We will be so pumped to go to an appointment. Like this one will make and break the day and it falls through. Then on the way back we run into someone else and we see why things happened the way they happened. because that person needed our help.

Well I wish I could remember everything that happened this week. It’s been crazy and filled with the spirit. I know that obeying the commandments will keep us happy and it will fill us with the spirit. The commandments don’t keep us from having fun. They protect us from sucky temporary happiness if you can even call it happiness. God didn’t give us commandments to keep us from having fun. Disobedience never leads to happiness.

Also, I remember when I got set apart, President Baughan had mentioned that I would be able to work with and assist the Mission president effectively as I earned his trust. Well I thought it was quite the coincidence that President Mullen’s BIG thing that he stresses is trust. Actually I don’t even believe in coincidences to be honest. It was inspired!

-Satan gives us freedom so he can binds us. God keeps us bound so that we can be free.
-We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Alma 26:11-12–I think this is my new favorite scripture. God has given us everything we have. I am no greater than anyone else. I have been blessed for reasons that I do not understand to be put in the blessed situations that I have been put into.

I love you all! I feel your prayers. I’m so thankful for everything you do!

-Elder Fischer
Fortifying bedFortifying bedFortifying bed 2 Fortifying bed 3Elder Fischer week 2 in Hemet




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