16 09 2014

It’s been another eventful and great week! They go by soooo quickly. So we started out this week with the Chastity lesson with Susan and her whole family sat in on the lesson!! They all sat around the table and participated! That is huge because her dad wouldn’t even be in the room to start out with. Then he moved to lingering in the room. The he moved to sitting and sort of participating and now they are all sitting in on lessons with us! The Lord is softening their hearts! The spirit was so strong and you could see it in their eyes that they felt it; even though it was the chastity lesson.
We met with another woman. I don’t know if I talked about her yet…She is having a difficult time coming to church because she was offended. I shared the scripture that dad did with me before I went on my mission the first time. The one that says I don’t not know the meaning of all things but I know that the Lord loves us. I related it to how when I came back from my mission, people said dumb things and I didn’t understand it but I still knew the Lord loved me and was there for me and that helped me get through it. I hope it helped her.

We met with a woman who has a few disabilities and sometimes when she starts to get upset, it is really like..impossible to get her back on topic and refocused. She holds grudges and I bore testimony to her about our Savior and how much he loves and understands us. I invited her to pray to Heavenly Father and ask him to help her forgive those that have wronged her in the past and promised that if she did that, she would receive comfort. She began to get teary eyed so I really hope she takes that promise seriously.

I also had the opportunity to share my testimony with the doctor I met with earlier this week and he said I could share a message with him instead of paying him. He was a member obviously. I appreciated that and he told me he really needed the message that I shared and started to cry a bit. It’s sooooo cool to be an instrument in the Lords hands. He really does all the work for me and I am grateful.

Oh and we also had 3 BAPTISMS this week!!!!!! Best week ever!!! Susan got baptized at 3 on Saturday and her parents attended that and church the next day and guess what?? Tom and Betty said it was the best 3 hours of their life and they want to take the discussions now!!! The Lord has done such an amazing job in softening their hearts and little 11 year old Susan led the way for them! At 7 we had the Baptism for Keoni and Valerie! Keoni’s face was absolutely priceless when he came out of the water. He looked straight out at everyone and smiled ear to ear. He was soooo happy! I’m so excited for their family. Ben is their dad and baptized both of them. They are going to be awesome. Keoni was talking about how he was so excited to be baptized because he had some “big sins” that he couldn’t wait to get rid of. haha he was referring to one time when he stole a loli pop or something. I love that kid. Nothing brings more happiness in the world than missionary work. A good fellowshipping ward makes all the difference in the world! Help the missionaries!

So this week I’ve studied a lot about prayer. In Mosiah…I think it is 27:26-27 it talks about the faith that Alma had when he was praying for his son and the sons of Mosiah. I think we can learn so much from his example and we should really strive to have that faith when we pray for those we care about; our friends, family, and those who have lost and forgotten their way back to our heavenly father. If we do, I KNOW that our heavenly father will soften their hearts because I’ve seen it happen first hand with Betty and Tom.

I hope all is well and I appreciate all your support and love! I love you all!

-Elder Fischer




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