18 09 2014

As always, it’s awesome to hear from all of you! I don’t have much time but I’ll do my best to get this email off.

This past Monday we had the opportunity to pick up a new investigator! An older man in our mission is the “man” and just OYM’s everyone. We pulled up to the guy and asked him where he was at on Sunday. The guy (Patrick) said he was here at his house. So then we said well we missed you at church on Sunday and he eventually asked if we could come back and teach him. So we followed up and had a great lesson with him! He lives with his girlfriend and he has a son but other than that, I think he has potential! He was really smart and interested. We will continue to work with him and do the best we can to dunk him!

We actually picked up a few investigators that day. One of them had thrown the sister missionaries out and asked them not to come back. Long story short, we followed some promptings, went to her house and got inside to share a prayer with her. She broke down in tears and said she was ready to hear our message. She said that she saw us biking around, in our 110 degree weather, all the time and knew that the Lord wanted us to teach her. It was such a testimony to me that we don’t always see the fruits of our labors. Even if we weren’t teaching people and we were getting rejected, people still see us and know that the Lord loves them and wants them to talk with us. I think she will be super solid. Her name is Jeanette and if I am still here next transfer, I look forward to teaching her more!

Wednesday we had a trainer/trainee meeting. It went well. I talked with President Mullen a little bit and he said after this transfer I wouldn’t need to be trained more. I don’t know if I will take over the area or if I will move somewhere else. I’ll go where the Lord wants me to go!!
Friday we went on exchanges and I took over the area. I was with Elder Thompson and he is a greenie. He just came out this transfer so I was sort of the senior companion. It was a really good experience. I really look forward to being able to train one day. I think it will be my favorite thing to do. I love being able to help others out and serve them and build them up soooo much. And I honestly learn so much more from them and the experience when I am out in the situation. I think Friday was our most successful day because we were more thorough in our planning.

Today, Monday, we did some shopping and just got done playing basketball. I through down so that made me really happy. I can dunk super easy now… I am hoping the rims are regulation…haha but it makes me feel good. I have to do everything I can to not get fat!!
I got everyone in my zone using my expressions and slurs…hahaha Everyone here is starting to say things like “You can’t guard me” “Meet me at the rim” “Tell me I won’t” “It’s not that serious” and they also know the rules! No zoom etc etc

Well that’s all for now! I love you all and can’t wait to hear more from you!

-Elder Fischer




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