First Week Training!

2 10 2014

This week started off a little slower because we weren’t able to work on Tuesday but that just gave us the opportunity to work harder throughout the week to try and reach our standard. Unfortunately we did fall short:( We had 23 lessons, 9 member present lessons, and 2 people at church. We even went around to people’s houses before church to try and get them there but a lot of people didn’t answer. We did get one person out that wasn’t planning on coming so it was worth it! She said she really enjoyed the experience and was glad we came by.

So I attached a picture of me and Elder R with our boy! He is from Orem Utah and fresh out of high school! He is awesome! I’m really looking forward to learning and growing with him and I know that I will learn a lot during the experience. The most difficult thing seems to be that Elder R and I are really doing well together so we have to make a concentrated effort to not leave him out and make sure he is progressing rather than just tagging along. Just about everyday someone asks him how old he is and he tells them he is 14. At least he has a good attitude about his baby face. Haha but its ok because Elder R said he has dealt with it for his whole life as well so he knows what it feels like.

So on Tuesday we had the trainer/trainee meeting. I learned a lot and really felt the responsibility that is put onto trainers. When President Mullen announced who would be joining me and Elder R, he whispered to Elder Smith that “he won” so that made me happy. I know he was referring to him being fortunate to having Elder R as a companion but it still made me happy to know that President Mullen has high regards for us.

One cool thing that happened this week came while we were teaching our recent converts, Val and Keoni. Their husband/stepdad was expressing his love and appreciation for us and talked about how he was sure that he knew us in the pre-existence and that he knew that all of us were best friends because he wouldn’t trust anyone else with the responsibility of helping to bring his family back to their heavenly father. It really humbled and brought me to realize the importance of this work. I’m so blessed to have this opportunity and there is nothing greater that I could ever be doing.

Also we got the best and worst news ever this week! Betty who was Susan’s mom, texted us and we learned that she did go through with the divorce. We don’t know the details but she told us that she was ready to take the lessons now! She bore her testimony this week in church for the 2nd time. She talked about how the Lord can help her through the situation. She is super elect but I wish I could have helped her with her family situation.

I wish I could give more details but they shortened our emailing time because of the grumpy old man that works in the family history center:(
I heard a story this week that I really enjoyed. It talked about the old cranky man in a hospital that EVERYONE hated. He was mean, crude, and nasty to everyone that he knew or came in contact with. One day a nurse came in and was trying to keep to herself but the old man started to growl at her and asked if she was LDS. She said yes and he just grumpily said “I knew it”. The next day she was walking by the room and she saw a sort of glow and thought that she saw Christ standing over him in the room. She said the love she saw in Christ’s eyes was indescribable. She couldn’t understand how Christ could love someone who was so grumpy and mean to everyone soooo much. But he still did. She later walked into the room and the man had passed away. I really liked this story because of the lesson of love and charity that we need to have for everyone, no matter who they are. We are all striving to be more and more like Christ each and every day and according to the two great commandments, that’s where we need to start! Loving everyone.

Lately I’ve been praying to have more charity for everyone that I meet and to be able to love everyone more and I’ve had my prayers answered little by little. I’ve learned that, because of the atonement, I can truly call upon my savior to help me in my times of weakness. He aides me and helps to build me up when I ask him for help. I love this gospel, this church, my savior, and my heavenly father so much. They have given me everything and more and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to give back to those around me. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

-Elder FischerP1020010 P1020019 P1020020




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