Trio to Trio

15 10 2014

Soooo this week was ok. Well actually it was super fun and awesome but the end of the week made me super sad.

So I’m getting emergency transferred. Another Elder up in Riverside hurt his back and has to go home so I have to leave Hemet and head to Riverside. I’m super excited to go up there and meet so many new people but I’m so sad to leave everyone here our ward, the missionaries here, and the investigators that we have. I love them all so much. It’s something that has been really difficult for me to accept but I know it’s what the Lord has planned for me and I will go and do! There was another trio in the mission and the AP’s begged the president to break up that instead because they know how much Elder Randall and I love each other. Also Elder Randall is best friends with the AP. They knew each other back home. So we thought we would have an inside man. But we met with the president on Saturday. Us and 6 other missionaries got a special assignment to test something out. I don’t know if I’ll still be doing it since I’m getting transferred but we will see! After the meeting, the president asked us all to stay and he broke the news to us. The AP’s said we all looked super sad when he told us. I feel bad because I was trying to look positive and keep a good attitude. I really am excited because I know I am going to learn and grow so much during this experience. I’m just going to miss so many people here. Our area was doing really well, mostly because of our great ward and those around us and I heard the area I’m going to is struggling but I’m still ready! I’m about to be onto my 4th companion is 2 months! haha. I guess they just can’t guard me!

I called some of the members that I was really close to and also some of our recent converts. They said they would invite me back when they got sealed so I will get to go to the San Diego temple maybe!!!:):) I told them how much I loved and appreciated them. Hopefully I will get to come back to Hemet and see everyone one day!

Other than that I’ll try to sum up my week pretty quickly! The P-day is cut short because I have to head over the Riverside soon. But we got to go to the temple And that was AMAZING! So relaxing. We also had Café Rio afterwards:) it’s the only time we get to eat there so that makes the temple trips even better.

Our investigators that we are focusing on right now are Betty, Tom, Linda, Evan, Tiffany, and Michelle. I think they should all be baptized eventually! I’m going to be staying on Elder Randall and Smith so that I can come back for their baptisms. They are such great missionaries and I know they will get the job done. I have so much to learn from them.

So the coolest thing in our area was probably two of the people that we are working with have been going through some troubles with marriage. They are kinda split up right now but the gospel is going to bring them back together! I just know it! It’s going to be awesome and I know the Lord gives us trials to bring us closer to him. He wouldn’t give us a trial to just give us a hard time. Every single thing that we come across in this life that we don’t understand and struggle with is going to bring us back to the Lord and give us the OPPORTUNITY to grow closer to him. We just have to recognize it and make our way back.

I’m super excited for the next chapter of my mission! I really am because I did want to move around a lot in the mission and meet as many new faces and make as many new friends as I can! I’ll miss a lot of people but I know Riverside will be awesome too! Love all of you and thank you for your examples!

-Elder FischerP1020095 SAM_0172 P1020100 SAM_0176 P1020068




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