26 11 2014

This week was a rollercoaster of emotions… hahaha.

So our most frequent and our main focus lately has been Crystal and Daniel. Everything was going great up until Tuesday…o how I hated last Tuesday…haha

So we went over to see Daniel. We see them at separate times so we can focus in on them specifically because they both have extremely different learning curves and needs. This time Crystal came and sat in anyway. That was fine and all until she starts complaining about how here weekend was horrible. We asked why and she says because of Daniel…then she just wouldn’t forgive him and they were arguing a ton. I felt like their babysitter/father. I pulled scriptures on forgiveness on them and everything. Nothing was working. Then I thought to myself…What would my mom and dad do if Allie and I were arguing? Which is random because we never argued…but anyway…I decided to make them hug…haha for 10 seconds. Daniel instantly agreed but Crystal wasn’t hugging back. So after much persuasion, she finally did but only agreed to two 5 second intervals. They eventually forgave each other and left smiling. Not the most productive lesson spiritually but we are just here to help in anyway we can. Our zone leaders got a kick out of that. Said I’d be a good dad..haha. It made me feel a little better about the day.. Until….we went back a little later since our lesson got cut short. So on the way back we found out the father and mother had said no to them being baptized… we specifically asked Crystal like a month ago if her parents were ok with it and she said yes. I don’t know what happened. We set up a time to talk with her dad which is nearly impossible. He works 3pm-6am every day. Sleeps from 6am to 2:30pm.. So we barely caught him and are going to try and have a family night with them on Sunday when they get back from vacation. It’s really frustrating and difficult but I know it will all work out one day. We are just going to keep powering through. As a man I can admit I shed a tear or two about the situation. In later visits Daniel and Crystal kept asking me why I seemed so sad…they knew how sad it made me and they felt bad but I recovered eventually. It honestly crushed me to bits when I found out. Like.. I just put my head down for a couple minutes during the visit with them. I love those kids so much. I’ve been giving it my all for them. After the lesson, Daniel who is 10 gave me a lecture on being happier in my next lesson. Haha it cracked me up but he was right. He is the man.

Visits with them haven’t been useless though! There aunt is a member and is returning to activity now. She said we’ve helped her come back to church and she is working towards going to the temple! That’s our goal for everyone that we teach so that’s pretty awesome and made me happy. She also said that she wanted me to baptize her little girl Ruby. She is 6 but I’m totally coming back after my mission to dunk her! haha. That made me smile.

Unfortunately I’ve had a lot of headaches lately. I’m pushing through that too. It’s definitely nothing too serious so don’t worry about it or anything. It’s been weird though. The last two weeks I’ve had a lot. And the week before I had one and Elder McConkie made me go inside and told me to stop being a hero. I felt bad for going in but it was probably best. Hope you don’t worry at all mom 🙂 I’m doing just fine! haha. It’s not that serious..I promise.

Other than that everything is great! Elder Gill is great. Mission is great. Life is just great. I have so much to be thankful for and I’m really looking forward to Thanksgiving so I can reflect on all of it more and more…most of all I’m thankful for my Savior, Jesus Christ. I finished the book of Matthew this week and I couldn’t do it without tears. I love my Savior so much. A man and example to me that was willing to go through all that He did because of His love for us. There was so much that happened that just makes me cringe when I read and think about it. But it also fills me with so much joy knowing that He loves me so much. I know He thought about Zack Fischer specifically when he was in the garden. I know He felt my childhood, my youth, my mission, and the rest of my life and I will forever be indebted. I’m also thankful for my Heavenly Father who was willing to give His Son for me. And for the perfect plan that he presented for me. Lastly, I’m thankful for my parents who were also willing to support me and give me up for 2 years. Or get rid of me for 2 years;) I would be no where without my Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and my parents and family. I owe it all to them. And that’s why I’m out here in the CRM! Sometime I wish I could die with my tag on my chest. I can’t think of a more honorable way to go. Not that I want to die… I just wish I could be a missionary forever. haha there is no better life than the life of a missionary!

Thank you for all you do for me. I love you all so much! I hope your holiday season goes amazing and all your hopes and dreams come true!

-Elder Fischer


2 years doesn’t sounds like full time to me. A full time missionary is forever

20 11 2014

We had another awesome week! It was super busy and that’s the best kind of week. One thing that I’m really thankful for is while I’ve been out here, I’ve learned to love doing hard things. I love the challenge, the trials, the ups and downs, and learning process of a new task. It just makes life much for fun and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Training has become super fun recently! I love everything about it. I’m trying to slowly allow Elder Gill to take charge of responsibilities. It’s hard because I don’t like seeing him struggle and want to help him through it all but I also know that it’s the best way for him to learn. He is learning super-fast and is an awesome missionary though. We both got called up, on spot, to speak for 10 -12 minutes for sacrament meeting. The last two speakers didn’t show up. This was his first week in the ward – haha. He spoke for about 30 seconds so I got to cover the whole ten minutes. It was fun though and I was able to cover some time.

Right now we are teaching Daniel, Crystal, and Brother Gregor.
Daniel is Crystal’s brother. He is super smart and totally on top of things. He is young but he has a ton of potential. He is learning and progressing fast. Crystal is not as much… we have to reteach a lot to her but it’s the perfect situation for training because it allows Elder Gill and me to get more practice teaching. We are trying to teach her parents soon but they are always working. It’s frustrating because they go on vacation a lot on random weekends so it makes it difficult to get their kids to church. That’s why we need the opportunity to teach the parents too! Keep them in your prayers please!

Brother Gregor is the only person in his family who is not a member but it’s been that way for 25+ years (investigator for eternity=enternigator). We are thinking he is finally ready. His son is coming home from his mission from Iowa soon and wants to be baptized by him!

Today we ran up Mt. Rubidoux. It was sort of a struggle to make it all the way to the top but it was worth it! We had a great time once we made it. We woke up super early so we could see the sunrise and everything. It was pretty chilly so hopefully I won’t get sick from it! I got some pretty fun pictures too:) haha. One of them, you will see is my version of “O Jerusalem O Jerusalem”…except its “O Riverside O Riverside. Thou that killest the prophets.” It’s all good fun. We also were there with one of the companionships investigators so it was a good experience.

So I want to challenge all of you to go up to your missionaries in the ward and ask who they are teaching. Get the names of their investigators and tell them you want to pray for them! I guarantee it will make them so happy and I know that the power of prayer is something that can change the hearts of even the vilest of sinners (Mosiah 27:13-14)(Mosiah 28:4). Think about how powerful and how much better the work could go with the whole ward praying for investigators by names. There is nothing to be scared of either because the missionaries will love you for it.

The mission honestly keeps getting better and better and I couldn’t ask for anything else in my life. I love being a part of the Lord Hastening his work. I know that there is nothing that I can do to hasten his work. He will do it in his own time. But I can do all I can to be a part of it for the rest of my life. Earlier this week, I was talking to a missionary who was going home in 4 weeks and he said that he was pretty much dead (done) because he felt like he was teaching better than he has ever taught his whole mission but nothing is happening. As politely as I could, I suggested that maybe that was his problem. There is nothing that he can personally do to convert someone. That’s the spirits job. He can be obedient, worthy, and qualify himself for the spirit. We are just instruments in the Lords hands! I’m grateful to be able to give a short amount of time in my life to be a full time instrument! Nothing is better.

“2 years doesn’t sounds like full time to me. A full time missionary is forever. Members, you are the full time missionaries.”
-Elder Teh (Stake conference last week)

Elder Fischer


“It’s a simple thing that He asks. A worthy heart and willing hands”

12 11 2014

This week has gone by so fast! – Probably one of the fastest weeks yet. It may be because of all the work that I have to do since my boy is still learning and adjusting to missionary life! haha but I love being busy so I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My new companion is Elder Gill. So yes, jokes have come about fish and gill..hopefully we will be spending lots of time in the water 😉 #Baptizenations. He is from Taylorsville Utah. He is 18 and the youngest in his family. He has two older brothers and 3 older sisters and is the first to go on a mission! I’m super impressed and respect him so much for that! He is awesome! I’m learning so much from him and I love him already! He is really shy but super humble and has a strong desire to learn. Hopefully the Lord will qualify me in helping him to learn!

Since this was my first full week as a senior companion I’ve learned so much and have been even more grateful for the opportunity to serve. We had a great week and it was filled with its fair share of ups and downs. For example, Thursday sucked. hahaha. It was just one of those days. We ended up biking from end of the area to the other end. Some people were leaving right when we showed up. Hardly anyone was home. All I could think of is how badly I wanted to have good experiences so that Elder Gill would see how amazing missionary work really is. I was talking to him about how I love when days like these come because that just means the next day is going to be amazing – or that the Lord is preparing you for something amazing in the future – the bigger the trial/burden the greater the blessing/reward – right as I was saying that we were biking over to a for sure lesson. We knew they would be there but the lessons aren’t the most productive use of our time. To be honest, it would have been just for a number. So as we were on the way I got the prompting to stop by an older lady that we had talked to about 2 weeks before. She wasn’t super interested the first time and when we knocked, she still wasn’t super interested. But I started to just force conversation on her because she opened her door and I wasn’t going to let her go without a fight! haha. Eventually she said “well actually I need a break and stepped outside”. We met with her and had an awesome discussion and eventually gave her a book of Mormon. She was super interested in it and actually asked us to come back and made the appointment! haha It was such a relief and saved the day from being a total bust. It is amazing how one person can save the day. We could have a total bust from 1-8:30 but a good lesson at 8:30 keeps me coming back and excited for the next day!

We had a lot of other good experiences this week! One came with Crystal. She came to church this week so that was good. And we had a really sincere lesson with her too. She is normally really distracted but this time she was super sincere. Ironically we were talking about the law of chastity…but that’s beside the point…at the end she was asking me and Elder Gill about how we stay happy all the time. I told her that for me personally, I find the most happiness in losing myself in service to others. When you focus on serving others, you see their burdens and can see that your problems might not be as bad as you thought. Nothing will make you happier than being able to serve and help others around you. And to be able to see the happiness that they gain from your help. It also gives you an opportunity to count your blessings.

I was thankful for the opportunity to share that testimony with her. It helped me to grow in my personal testimony as well. Helping and serving others is exactly what Christ did. We are here to become more like Christ. We aren’t asked to do too much.

We also had stake conference for the Riverside Stake. Elder Teh came to do that and it was a great set of meetings. I got to shake his hand and talk to him too so that was pretty awesome. He is an amazing guy.

Well that’s all I have time for this week! Thank you for all of your support and love! I love all of you! You keep me going each week!

Elder Fischer

“It’s a simple thing that he asks. A worthy heart and willing hands”

“God doesn’t care nearly as much about where you have been as he does about where you are and, with his help, where you are willing to go.”

Slow Down, we need more Jesus time!

5 11 2014

This past Saturday was transfer Saturday. Leadership calls come in the morning and then the rest come at night. It’s always an exciting time of the transfer. Everyone in the Zone came over to our house for them. It’s great to get to see everyone.

I got called to be a trainer and a district leader this transfer! I’m super excited and super humbled at the same time. I’ve got a big opportunity to learn a lot and as a man I can admit that I can’t do it on my own! I’ve spent a lot of hours praying for help since I got the call!

So I’ll go back up to the mission office tomorrow and meet all the new missionaries. There is one coming in from NC! Maybe we will be NC buddies! haha we will see though. No matter what -I’ve already decided that I’m going to love the heck out of him! It’s going to be so much fun. I can’t wait.

Also I don’t know if any of you major bloggers have ever heard of a Greg Tremble? Apparently he is a big deal with his blogging and stuff and they have been on the news. He is in my ward and he is an incredible guy! We love when we get the opportunity to go over and see his family. Maybe you guys could look him up if you haven’t and tell me how legit he is!

Hmm this week was pretty good! We have a really awkward experience with Crystal… she invited some of her school friends over to meet with us and we were super stoked thinking it was going to give us the chance to teach more people. Then they all come out and Crystal went from shy girl who never talks to crazy teenage girl. Super weird. They started to sing for us. I was like…okkkkk can we teach you about the Book of Mormon now but they kept going. Eventually we finally got things reeled back in and had a pretty good discussion with them. It kind of seemed like they were just flirting with us a lot. I might have a talk with Crystal this week about what she really wants to gain out of meeting with us. See where her desires are. I think she has good intentions; our lessons are just getting a little too social and less gospel related. We need to refocus them I think.

Other than that the week has been pretty normal. I keep meeting awesome families in the ward! This ward is super great. It’s taking a while to learn everybody’s names but it comes with time. We keep meeting extremely awesome people just walking around talking to people but have a hard time following up because of work and stuff. It’s so frustrating! haha I just want to make them slow down their life because they need more Jesus time!

Anyway! For all of you out there who want to have more missionary experiences I can promise you that they are available! We all have people who we want to share the gospel with. If we just take the time to make gospel and scripture studies more of a priority in our lives they will come. When I was back at home I talked about basketball all the time because that’s what I was always doing. When I went to BYU I talked about class all the time because that’s what I was doing. Now that I’m on a mission, I talk about the gospel all the time, because that’s what I’m studying. The things we are focusing on most, naturally come up in conversation and you’ll be blessed with opportunities to influence people’s lives for the better when you make the commitment to prepare yourself.

Thank you for all you do for me and for keeping me motivated and inspired! As a man I can admit that I love you all and you keep me going!

Elder Fischer

1st picture is of my first “sweater” day in CA

2nd and 3rd pictures is of our District and Zone

P1020136 P1020135 transfersat