Slow Down, we need more Jesus time!

5 11 2014

This past Saturday was transfer Saturday. Leadership calls come in the morning and then the rest come at night. It’s always an exciting time of the transfer. Everyone in the Zone came over to our house for them. It’s great to get to see everyone.

I got called to be a trainer and a district leader this transfer! I’m super excited and super humbled at the same time. I’ve got a big opportunity to learn a lot and as a man I can admit that I can’t do it on my own! I’ve spent a lot of hours praying for help since I got the call!

So I’ll go back up to the mission office tomorrow and meet all the new missionaries. There is one coming in from NC! Maybe we will be NC buddies! haha we will see though. No matter what -I’ve already decided that I’m going to love the heck out of him! It’s going to be so much fun. I can’t wait.

Also I don’t know if any of you major bloggers have ever heard of a Greg Tremble? Apparently he is a big deal with his blogging and stuff and they have been on the news. He is in my ward and he is an incredible guy! We love when we get the opportunity to go over and see his family. Maybe you guys could look him up if you haven’t and tell me how legit he is!

Hmm this week was pretty good! We have a really awkward experience with Crystal… she invited some of her school friends over to meet with us and we were super stoked thinking it was going to give us the chance to teach more people. Then they all come out and Crystal went from shy girl who never talks to crazy teenage girl. Super weird. They started to sing for us. I was like…okkkkk can we teach you about the Book of Mormon now but they kept going. Eventually we finally got things reeled back in and had a pretty good discussion with them. It kind of seemed like they were just flirting with us a lot. I might have a talk with Crystal this week about what she really wants to gain out of meeting with us. See where her desires are. I think she has good intentions; our lessons are just getting a little too social and less gospel related. We need to refocus them I think.

Other than that the week has been pretty normal. I keep meeting awesome families in the ward! This ward is super great. It’s taking a while to learn everybody’s names but it comes with time. We keep meeting extremely awesome people just walking around talking to people but have a hard time following up because of work and stuff. It’s so frustrating! haha I just want to make them slow down their life because they need more Jesus time!

Anyway! For all of you out there who want to have more missionary experiences I can promise you that they are available! We all have people who we want to share the gospel with. If we just take the time to make gospel and scripture studies more of a priority in our lives they will come. When I was back at home I talked about basketball all the time because that’s what I was always doing. When I went to BYU I talked about class all the time because that’s what I was doing. Now that I’m on a mission, I talk about the gospel all the time, because that’s what I’m studying. The things we are focusing on most, naturally come up in conversation and you’ll be blessed with opportunities to influence people’s lives for the better when you make the commitment to prepare yourself.

Thank you for all you do for me and for keeping me motivated and inspired! As a man I can admit that I love you all and you keep me going!

Elder Fischer

1st picture is of my first “sweater” day in CA

2nd and 3rd pictures is of our District and Zone

P1020136 P1020135 transfersat




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