Turkey week was pretty awesome.

3 12 2014

Turkey week was pretty awesome. Everyone has told me that the holiday season is the best in the mission and that it goes by waaaay fast. It’s all proven true so far. This week was soooo much fun. It was filled with lots of mission meetings and gatherings.

It started off with normal DDM on Tuesday. No big deal. But then one Wednesday, we had some people from Salt Lake come to tour the mission and we had an MLC from 9-4. Normally it’s just ZL’s and the AP’s but for some reason that I am still oblivious to, I was told to go too. It was a super great meeting though. I learned a ton! So I’m glad I got the opportunity to go. Brother Hill, from SLC, started out by telling us how they choose Mission presidents. He said they have a big list of 10+ candidates/names, interview them all and look at a ton of stuff. How diligent they have been in callings. Their knowledge of the scriptures. Their testimony of Christ and of the restoration. The love, compassion, and charity they have for those around them. The service they give to those in need. How organized they are and pretty much do a total evaluation of their souls. Then they call their husbands to be the mission president. hahaha I thought that was pretty funny. But it’s so true. Next to every worthy and diligent priesthood leader is their wives and they are the foundation. We wouldn’t be anything without the women of the church.

So on Thursday we woke up, worked out, played football, ate food, went to the church, played soccer and then went home. It was pretty much a second P-day and it was a blast. Man…Keep it hot I kinda went ham at the turkey bowl. It was just like ole times. Touchdowns and interceptions for dayzzzzz…

Crystal, Daniel, and all of our gators were out of town so that made it difficult to get much done. A lot of member work was done. The “He is the Gift” video is an awesome, easy, and nonintrusive way for EVERYONE to share the gospel. USE IT because the church has invested a lot into it. We did continue to work with Cory Gregor. His son comes home from his mission on Friday. That will be good. They have another son who lost two of his fingers in a lawn mower accident…..He is inactive but he asked us for a blessing and ever since has been sitting in on our lessons with his nonmember dad. I really love the kid. His name is Zack. So that’s one reason…haha but he is a super cool kid. Hopefully his brother coming home this week will help him in coming back to church.

Well that’s it for this week! I can’t believe how fast time is going. It’s pretty crazy.
I want to share my testimony on how important it is that we strengthen our faith each and every day. We have to prepare ourselves for the battle that is going on right now. Satan takes advantage of every opportunity he can. We can see the church being attacked from all angles. We have to become warriors and fight against evil. I don’t think the last days will be so much of a church against church thing as much as it will be a God against Atheism issue. But we know that even the very elect will be tempted (Matt 24:24). We have to strengthen our own testimonies so that our children, families, and friends can be strengthened in us as well. I think of the stripling warriors. They waxed strong because they remembered what their mothers taught them. They had amazing teachers and support in their lives from Helaman, Moroni and others. And I think one thing that is neglected often is the examples they were given from their fathers. Some of them buried their fathers because their fathers would not break their covenants that they had made with the Lord. What an amazing example. I’m so grateful for the mother, father, and church leaders that I’ve had who had raised me in that same way and helped me keep along the straight and narrow! I love this gospel so much! It’s true.

-Elder Fischer

“I WILL fight a good fight, I WILL finish my course. I WILL keep my faith”

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