It’s A Small World!

11 12 2014

So I learned something pretty crazy this week! We are teaching a man named Cory Gregor. He should be baptized this week #WhiteChristmas… but that’s not the crazy thing. We have been teaching him for a while. He has been around the church for about 25 years now. His families are all members and stuff. His son just came home from his mission last week. And his son served in the Iowa Des Moines mission!! And he knew Grant! I was so excited to talk to him about Grant. They were in the same district and everything. But I thought that was super cool…Small World.

This week was pretty normal. I got to go on exchanges to Spanish land. That was pretty exciting to try and see how much I really knew and could understand. It was such a fun day. It rained that day and I got to be in a car. That was pretty lucky of me…

We also picked up a few new potential investigators. They both are super good and hopefully it will go somewhere. One of them read all of 3 Nephi 11-27… that was super impressive. It was over about a weeks’ time span. She is super awesome. She goes to college at CBU and they are doing their finals right now. It makes it kind of difficult to meet with her. We do our best to find time though.

The other one loves rocks. Like some of the stuff he does with rocks is pretty cool. He is fun to be around and seems receptive. He has a girlfriend that is less active and a sister that is active. Who knows! Maybe something will happen! Faith is a powerful thing!

Elder Gill got sick earlier this week so that was sad. He got to feeling better after just a little bit of time though. Sister Mullen still made us stay in once she heard that he wasn’t feeling well. But it’s all good! Lots of study time for me!

We had our Zone meeting this week too. One of our focuses is #WhiteChristmas. Obviously it’s not snowing any time soon but we are trying to get people in their baptismal whites! Pray for a white Christmas everyone! I can’t think of a better way to spend the holiday season than in the font! haha.

Well that’s all for now! Thank you for all of your support, love, and prayers! It doesn’t go unnoticed. I really do feel it. I feel strengthened each and every day! I’m thankful to be serving here in CRM and I know that there isn’t a better place that I could be right now. It’s so amazing. This time of the year is especially amazing when he can stop and recognize that #HeIsTheGift and everyone needs to know it! If you haven’t seen the video yet, stop and go see it right away! It’s awesome and brings the spirit in super-fast! I hope you all have a good week!

-Elder Fischer

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