Merry Christmas!

26 12 2014

“Christmas is a time of reflection on what we can become because of God’s Scared Gift. As we #discoverthegift, we learn of the immeasurable love of God and our Absolute need for a savior. As we #embracethegift, we strengthen our faith in Jesus Christ and our desire to become more like him. As we #sharethegift, we follow in the Master’s footsteps, who invited all to hear His message.”

What an amazing time of the year! Seriously there is no better time. Other than March Madness…jk but seriously… I wouldn’t trade the experience of being out on the mission during the Christmas season for anything. Obviously I love my family and miss them but it’s such a great experience to learn and be out in the field doing what Christ has asked us all to do. To feed his sheep!

I’m so incredibly thankful for my family, my friends, and my Savior who has made it possible for me to be with them forever. I’ve never felt such a deep and sincere love for this group of people. I just recently finished reading the four gospels. I made it a goal to finish them before Christmas so that I could learn and more appreciate everything that the Savior has done for me. It was such an amazing experience. As I read and immersed myself in the scriptures, I felt so close to my savior. I truly feel and know that he is my Savior, redeemer and best friend. Each and every day I feel him walk beside me. Having the opportunity to read about the love that Christ has for his children and the methods in which he taught. It was life changing for me. I have been taking my mission so much more seriously. All I want is to be more like him and to do all I can to repay the debt. I know I’ll never be able to give enough but I can do everything I can to help bring to pass God’s work and his Glory.

I also finished the Book of Mormon this week. If any of you were wondering, it’s true. I checked.

I’ve kind of become sort of a book nerd since I’ve been out here and I love it. There are few things I enjoy more than having a full hour to sit down and immerse myself in learning more about my Savior, my Heavenly Father, and how much they love me! I highly recommend it.

Anyway, I want all of you to know, that I know for myself that this gospel is true. That Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us. He is in the details of our lives. He is aware and there for us every step on the way. And what love he sincerely had, to give his son. I know that Jesus is the Christ. I know. That Jesus is the Christ. Helping others come to this knowledge and helping to lift their burdens is the most special and amazing experience than anyone could ever ask for.

Picture 1:This is my planner cover for the transfer! It’s the first time I had the opportunity to go through the temple and I remember it like it was yesterday! Don’t worry Big Al, Camille, Madi, and Kate. I have you guys covered in the next picture.
Picture 2 and 3: That’s my bookmark for each day. It brings a smile to my face to see my family every day! And it’s possible and always will be possible #BecauseOfHim!
Picture 4: Saddest day of my mission so far. I love this guy. He was my best friend on the mission from day 1. We were like brothers from the start. He left:( But he came to see me right before he went to the mission home.


Elder Fischer




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