9 02 2015

So I’m now in the Jurupa 2nd ward! It seems like this area has a lot of potential. They have struggled quite a bit in the past but I think we can turn it around if we work hard, are obedient, and show the Lord that we want to do missionary work his way. We found 9 new investigators in the past two weeks so that was really promising. We had such a strong week this past week. Everything was good so great but then the amount of investigators we had at church really gave a hard shot to the stomach. We had 10 committed but none of them showed up…I’m really hoping it was just super bowl Sunday that messed it up. Which btw…I STILL HATE the patriots…
We know what we need to work on for this next week though! We get to go rebuke everyone for not coming to church and figure out how serious they are.

Elder Child is super cool. He has been out for about 18 months and I’m learning a lot from him. We have a busy week coming up but busy is good! We have MLC, ZDM, DLC and a meeting with the president on Tuesday. President said he wants to use our area as a model for the training in MLC because we have a large teaching pool. That’s kinda nerve racking but it’s all good.

The family that Elder Child and I live with is super cool too. Well they have a 15 year old boy named Bryce and he is way chill. We have a lot of fun together. He always refuses to go out with the missionaries but I finally made him this past week. haha. I told him I was going to ask him a question and the first thing that comes to his mind is what the spirit wants him to do. Which means it’s what God wants him to do. I asked him “Bryce, do you think God wants you to come out with us?” and he instantly said yes. hahaha so he couldn’t say no to God. He ended up having a really great time too. We are also trying to teach his new girlfriend. haha. He says he doesn’t want to introduce us though because he doesn’t want me to steal her….Lame excuse.

They also have a nice weight rack at their house so that’s really cool. I can lift every morning and try and stay in shape. I threw up 205 on the bench pretty easily this week so…Weston you’re small. I know I’ve got a ways to go but just wait. I’ll come back bigger than you. We also had our exchanges with the AP’s this week! I got to be with Elder McConkie again and that was a lot of fun. I learned a tooooon! Including how bust the AP’s are. They are freaking studs!

Well That’s pretty much it for this week!
I’m pretty excited for the opportunity I have to be a Zone Leader. Our zone did really well this week and has a lot of potential for this month! They only had one baptism last month so it shouldn’t be too hard to improve:) haha.
The church is true, the book is blue and Jesus is a Mormon!

Elder Fischer

1. Cool Sunset

2. Me

3. Elder Child

4. #Fischersofmen

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