“Shout out to them haters sorry that you couldn’t phase me”

13 02 2015

This week was so busy and so awesome! We had so much going on with various meetings but we didn’t let that stand as an excuse to not work hard! We found lots of new people to teach and finally got a couple of people out to church. That pretty much makes or breaks your week. When you see investigators coming into church everything else just doesn’t matter.

So I was studying a lot this week of how I can become more Christ centered in my life. I want to worry less about how the world views me and the things I do and be more concerned with how God sees me. What I learned is that if we truly understand our eternal identity and where we came from, nothing else matters. We become so much less concerned with what people say and think about us. I mean..think about all that God has done for us and all that Jesus Christ has done for us so that we can make it back to him. It’s pretty amazing. I know I feel loved. On top of that when we learn for ourselves what we mean to God, we are able to see that in others. We love them more. We see them as sons and daughters of God. When other people achieve something that’s really good, instead of being jealous of what they have we are happy for them. When someone says something rude or hurtful to us, we are able to shrug it off because we know that the most important relationship that we have is with God and His son.

It’s not something that comes easy. We can’t just wake up one morning and decide to do it, but it’s just like anything else. If we practice and pray for help, I know that we can become more Christ centered. It’s a decision that we have to make…to put off the carnal mind and see ourselves in a spiritual sense. We won’t be as concerned with what our peers, co-workers, teachers, and everyone else thinks. But we will understand how much our father in heaven cares about us and loves us. And that’s what makes us the happiest.

It also helps to surround yourself with people who will uplift you and have your standards. You can run with thousands of people but you can’t carry more than 2 or 3.

That’s something that I admit to struggling with while being out here. I want to pick everyone up, carry them into the church, and drop them off in the baptismal font. But I can only invite them to run with me.

I love you all and hope you all have great weeks! Thanks for you continual guidance and prayers! They are ALWAYS felt.

Elder Fischer

1. He wouldn’t stop being ADD. So he got squirted every time he changed the subject.

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