Where have you been putting your Faith?

13 03 2015

I had another great week here in Mira Loma! I figured out that it actually means, “Look, Hills” or something like that in Spanish. There are some pretty beautiful green hills all around us. So that would make sense.

Elder Child and I both got sick this week:( We tried our best to work with what we could. Our mission president’s wife, Sister Mullen, is super protective of us and really loves us. She is like our grandmother. She wouldn’t let us go out…Haha well she wouldn’t let Elder Child go out because we called and told her he wasn’t feel well. He was sick for the first three days. So I learned from that and didn’t call in when i caught what he had…haha. So we tried to take it easy but still worked with what we had at the end of the week. It was difficult because we had MLC, and Zone Meetings this week. But we made it through and had some miracles along the way!
MLC was pretty interesting. At that point, Elder Child was still sick so President Mullen told me to grab one of our district leaders and bring him to MLC. Our Zone was top Baptizing for February! That was pretty exciting. We have an awesome, hard-working, and obedient Zone. The Lord blessed us a ton!

So the biggest miracle of the week came from Vivian! Vivian is 9 years old and is probably about the smartest 9 year old you’ll ever meet. But she has been very difficult lately. Just before I arrived, Vivian told the missionaries “You guys are only here because you want to baptize me!”. What can you say to that…haha I mean that’s our purpose but we are here to be your friend, love you, and help you come closer to Christ. Regardless, we’ve been persistent and she has come such a long way! Last month she told us that she knows she needs to be baptized. Then she said that she will in July, with her little brother. And now she has finally moved it up to March 22nd! And the best part is we didn’t do anything!

We were actually getting super discourage with the whole scenario. And I realized that right before we were about to leave for the appointment with her, I caught myself thinking…What’s the point. She just avoids the subject every time we bring up baptism… That’s when it really hit me! That’s where I’ve been putting my faith. I’ve been having faith that she would say no. So I decided to turn that faith around. Going into the appointment I thought, Vivian will agree to baptism this time. There was no doubt in my mind. Then came the actual appointment..Daisy, her mom, put in some documentary about signs of the times…against our will. We told her we couldn’t watch it. It was completely unproductive. Spirit was not present. Like what the heck…So after the video, which we cut off after about 10 mins, we were talking to Daisy about some questions and concerns she was having with the church. She is a recent convert. And right in the middle of it, Vivian just pipes in..”Ummm guys I have an important question!!” She asked us why we she reads the scriptures, she feels good, but then starts to feel really bad. She will have mean thoughts and other things like that. So we asked her some questions and she realized that it was Satan trying to bring her down. We asked her “What do you think would help?”. And then she said..”Baptism. And I would probably need to do it soon. Like tomorrow”. I was blown out of the water! haha it was the coolest thing ever! The Lord literally changed her heart. We did nothing! It proved to me that we are just instruments in his hands. This is his work. He knows his children and he knows what they need. He was working on Vivian’s heart that whole time and we had no idea! All we can do is repent of our personal wrongs, have faith, do good works, and pray unceasingly. Then the Lord will use us in his work and we can bring thousands unto repentance! According to Alma 26..
Anyway. She is going to be baptized on the 22nd! And I’m so excited! It’s going to be awesome!

Then Jerome also passed his interview and should be getting baptized this week! He just needs to go all week without smoking! PLEASE keep him in your prayers! I know he can do it! Jerome has become one of my best friends out here. It’s really humbling because if I saw him out and about, I would probably brush him off and think he was just some drunk. But after getting to know him, he is one of the funniest and coolest guys I’ve met out here. It’s sad what we naturally do and how we can judge people off of looks like that. It taught me a valuable lesson!
Anyway! Awesome week! I love this work! I”m getting a new companion today! His name is Elder Muir! He was my first district leader. He is about 5’5 and 115 lbs! It is going to be fun. hahaha. Im looking forward to another awesome transfer!

I love you guys and hope you have an awesome week!
Elder Fischer

Happy Chinese new year!

My new planner cover

Ive been working out.

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