20 03 2015

JEROME WENT DOOOOWWN! It was one of the coolest feelings in the world. When he was making his way out of the font he yelled out “1 and done”. Like just one dunk. It was super funny. There was something different about Jerome. He was really important to me and I’ve felt a change in how I view the people I work with out here. I’ve always loved them but recently I’ve really been praying hard for charity. For the love that Christ has for us. And as I’ve done that the way I look at each of the people that we work with has changed. With Jerome, he is really one of my best friends. Last Monday he asked me to baptize him and I almost cried. He told me I was a brother to him and I couldn’t have asked for a bigger compliment. I just want everything that is good in the world to happen for him. And as he has been struggling with his addictions, I’ve felt so terrible for what he has to go through. I just want him to be free of the pain. It kills me that he is going through so much. But I love him and having the opportunity to help him go down was one of the best experiences of my life.

I’ve noticed the same thing happening with Vivian. She has a little brother named Marcos. He is seven years old. And they are the coolest, most fun, and most amazing kids that I’ve met out here. Like every time I see them I just am overwhelmed with how much I want them to be happy. They are just so perfect! I think I’m starting to understand why Jesus loved the children so much…They are great.

On that note…This week, me and the other elders in our ward decided to go to Primary instead of Elder’s Quorum…And we don’t do it every week but I have done it on a few occasions during my time here. And it’s the coolest thing in the world. And we did have investigators in there…that’s our excuse. haha. But I love being around the kids. If any of you are struggling with your testimonies or if you’re just thirsty to feel the spirit, go to primary. It was one of the most overwhelming spiritual experiences I’ve ever had. And watching Vivian and Marcos in there was awesome too. Vivian was the most reverent and perfect kid in there! And she was participating! She is going to be an amazing missionary one day. I can already tell. In 3 Nephi, Jesus calls the little children to him, blesses every single one of them individually, then weeps. And I’m starting to see why.

Also in my reading this week I continued to realize how much of a boss Paul was. He said that he rejoiced at the thought of being murdered for his beliefs. HOW DOES HE GET TO THAT POINT!? He is one of my heros… haha Homeboy is crazy. The New Testament is an awesome read.

This transfer our zone is focusing on the Book of Mormon. If all else fails, refer to the Book of Mormon. There is so much power in it! I wish I had more time! This week I was reflecting on a Book of Mormon scripture that has changed my life. I was going to talk about it but I don’t have time! So hopefully I will have time next week! If you guys have any Book of Mormon scriptures that changed your life, I’d love to hear about them! The Book of Mormon is super true. I checked.

Well I love you all! I hope you have the best week yet! Work hard, smart, and be obedient!

Elder Fischer

1. MY BOY!



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