“He chastened them because he loveth them”

1 04 2015

This week was looooooong! Well…it went by fast but it was just full of highs and lows! But I guess I should be use to that by now! And it didn’t help that Duke is still in the NCAA tournament. Needless to say, I was a UTE fan on Friday..

At the beginning of the week we had interviews with President Mullen. Those are always amazing and I find myself wishing I could spend more time talking with him. He is such an awesome example and mission president! Every time he shares his testimony about the Savior, he tears up and gets emotional. He loves His savior so much and I want to have that same love that he has. So I decided to ask him what made his love for the Savior increase so much. And what goes through his mind as he shares his testimony of the Savior. He shared some amazing experiences with me from his mission and I think it was one of the most spiritual experiences I’ve had on my mission thus far! I also found out that he is from Oakland! That’s where you served dad! Right? And he served his mission in Santiago Chile! That’s were you served Weston! Haha we have a lot of connections that we can relate. I really love him!

We also went to the temple and I felt sooooo spiritually drained. I feel so peaceful as I’m at the temple but for some reason, afterwards I always feel exhausted! I think it’s because of the overwhelming amount of things that I’m feeling and learning. And I read in the scriptures about after people see God, they always pass out…Haha like after Moses spoke with God he dropped. Sometimes after being at the temple I just want to drop..

Some of those were the ups this week! The downs came from door upon door that we knocked on with no answer. And appointment on appointment that fell through. And then at the end of the week, to top it all off, Vivian’s brother Marcos got bite by a pit-bull and they had to go to the ER and she wasn’t able to be confirmed this week! So FRUSTRATING. Haha but I try to look at it with a good attitude. Because as we read in the scriptures, whom the Lord Chastens, He loves.

I heard a story this week about 3 people on a journey. On their journey, they each had to carry a large wooden cross. One of the three complained and complained about how heavy their cross was. About how hard it was to carry. They begged for it to be cut so that it would be lighter and easier to bare. Then, at the very end of their travels, there was a large river. The last thing they have to cross before making it to their destination. And the only way to cross that river was by laying their wooden cross down and using it as a bridge. The first ones had no problem doing it but the third was unable to get across the river. His wooden cross wasn’t long enough because it had been cut.

Moral of the story, the Lord gives us our trials, burdens, and individual wooden crosses to carry because He loves us. They are in our lives to help us grow…to become more like our Savior. Eventually, and often times far far down the road where we can’t even see, those trials help us. Because we had them, we were made strong and were able to cross the river. We just have to trust in God and know that He has a purpose for everything. If it weren’t for the hard times, we wouldn’t appreciate the good times.

It’s the same thing with sports. Often times our coaches drill us with conditioning and running at the beginning on the season. They run us and run us. We really really hate them for doing it. But when it’s game time…when it’s the 4th quarter, second period, ninth inning, we really appreciate all that we went through. And I know when the 4th quarter rolls around, I’ll be grateful that the Lord conditioned me to make me stronger.

I hope you all have a good week! Use the wonderful opportunity of conference to receive personal revelation! It’s so cool that we get to hear from the Lords chosen prophet so often!

Love you all!

Elder Fischer

Alma 7:11

D&C 19:18

3 Nephi 11:14
Jesus the Christ page 668 & 669. He died of a broken heart.
Luke 22:44
Matt 26:67
Mark 15:15
John 19:18, 33-34
D&C 19:15
Alma 11:42-43
Alma 11:44-45
So grateful for what he did



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