There can be miracles, when you believe! 4-13-16

16 04 2015

A couple weeks ago, just before beginning my personal study I decided to kneel down and pray to know where I needed to go that day. We had our day planned out already but I just felt off about our plans. So I got on my knees and asked the Lord. I remember sitting there for a couple minutes afterwards thinking about the area and where we would be that day when a “thought” popped into my head. I decided to follow that thought and take it as a spiritual prompting. Well about mid-afternoon we went to see one our investigators named Mary. She wasn’t super solid but we had an appointment with her. She fell through so we started to walk back to the car. Walking around looking for people to teach really isn’t my favorite thing to do, but it is part of missionary work. I remembered my prayer and we were on the street that came to my mind so I asked Elder Muir if we could take a walk down the street. As we were talking with an older gentleman who didn’t seem to interested, a 21 year old girl came up mid conversation. My first thought was o great, she wants to come bash with us…but my companion started to talk to her while I entertained the older guy. Then after I was done talking to him, my companion said that she wanted a blessing. I figured she was a member so we followed her to her house, gave her a blessing, and then she whispered under her breathe and in tears, “and I’m not even baptized”…I was like hold up wuuuuuuuat? She then went on the tell us that she was taught by Spanish sisters about a year ago but her family was too against it and she didn’t want to upset them. She said she wanted to start from the beginning and she wanted to try in in English this time so we started to teach her. BUT she made it very clear that she didn’t want to be pushed into baptism because of her family.
We met with her a couple times and realized that she knew a LOT about the church. She knew it was true. She was just super scared of her family disowning her or being really mad at her. But she knew more than a lot of active members know! She is incredible. Eventually we decided that we needed to talk to her about the next step, which is baptism. We were both nervous about it but we knew she was ready and we had to invite her or else she would never have the opportunity to say yes… So we did it and she broke down in tears and accepted the invitation!! It was one of the best lessons I’ve ever had. She said that all of her fears about being baptized didn’t matter anymore. After she made the decision, she knew it was what she needed to do. And I could totally relate to her because of my decision to come back on a mission. It was like the exact same thing! The spiritual comfort and confirmation didn’t come until after I made the decision. Anyway… Moral of the story, Miracles do happen and God does answer prayers. I always heard stories about missionaries praying about which street to tract and I was like…no that’s not real… you got lucky. Maybe not to that degree or that harsh but I guess I just didn’t understand how they got the prompting or how they were able to recognize it as a prompting. And because of that doubt that I had, I never really tried asking the Lord where I should go. BUT GUESS WHAT!?? HE CAN’T ANSWER YOUR QUESTION IF YOU NEVER ASK IT! I felt so dumb. I have been neglecting such an important principal of missionary work for so long. I mean I prayed for the guidance of where to go. But I had never been super sincere about it. I hadn’t expected an answer. But now I’ve realized that if we pray with faith that God will answer, he always will. And I’ve seen that in so many other aspects of missionary work since that experience.
Anyway! The work is really starting to pick up now! I’m super excited and am loving every week and every day out here! Transfers are this Saturday so that scares me…but whatever happens happens and it’ll be for the best!
Well that’s all for this week! I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for everything!

Elder Fischer




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