“When you mess with the best you die like the rest”

30 04 2015

That title is because no one in Norco can guard me. But that’s a given…

This week was pretty awesome! It was super packed and tons of stuff happened. I feel like we taught a whole transfers worth of people in one week. We have been waking up at 5:30 every morning to work out and never slowing down until our heads hit the pillow at 10:30. It’s been extremely fulfilling.

This week was my first week here in Norco and we have met tons of awesome people. We have also seen more horses than we have people… They are everywhere. They even have horse trails instead of sidewalks on the side of the road. It’s a ton of fun.

I’ve really been learning how to work this week. Elder Thurman has been an awesome example to me and I’ve learned a ton. We went on splits like 3 or 4 times this week because we spend all day getting team ups. In between lessons we are calling people nonstop because of the importance of getting members involved in the work. Going on splits has really helped me to learn the area too. The first day I was here I was on splits and I honestly didn’t know where anything was…but I learned quickly! haha.

On Wednesday evening, we were at the Bouchards house. Their mom is a less active member for 25 years and her kids aren’t baptized. People have been trying for yeeeeeears. We went over and invited her to come to church this week and she actually came! Apparently something touched her that evening and she even bore her testimony on Sunday. It was incredibly powerful and the room was filled with the spirit! She pretty much told everyone that she knows that she needs to start coming back to church and is committed to doing it! We were super excited! She said she loved church. Now we just have to get her kids on board too.

Unfortunately not all of the people we teach are that awesome or end that happily. One of the guys we taught this week told us he was ready and wanted to be baptized. Then after talking to his pregnant girlfriend he texted and said he changed his mind. And we pretty much told him that baptism is a commandment from God. And then he said “It my choice, not his”…Well ya it is your choice but the consequences aren’t your choice.. It’s really sad to see that but it happens a lot in Norco. There are tons of churches everywhere so people get anti-ed alllll the time! But we will keep working and we are committed to baptizing before Elder Thurman goes home in June. The Norco half of our ward has about 3 baptisms in the last 3 years but our goal is to get at least 3 or 4 in May…so we are going hard.

Something I learned this week is the importance of repenting quickly and very often. We need to repent of even the smallest things in our life. Not just the sins of commission but the sins of omission as well – even the small things such as forgetting to pray in the morning or neglecting to read every single day. And as we repent and change our actions to be more aligned with those of Christ, we truly begin to become more like Christ. And that’s what its allllll about!

Well that’s all for now! I love you all and appreciate the constant contact and prayers that I receive from you! Have a great week!

Elder Fischer

Mormon Helping Hands project





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