15 Investigators at Church

3 06 2015

Sorry this email is going to be super lame..My pday is cut short today!

If you want to send my anything, you can start sending it to the mission office. The address is:

5900 Grand Ave. Riverside California, 92504.

Just so all of you know, I won’t be emailing until next Wednesday! Elder Nielson is coming to tour our mission. He is doing to north half on Monday and the south half on Tuesday. I am going to both of them so Elder Anderson and I won’t have our pday until Wednesday! So if you don’t get an email until then, it’s not because I don’t love you! I do!

This week was really good! Elder Thurman is going home! He finished strong! We had lots of fun and success together! This week we had 15 investigators at church between Elder Thurman and I and Elder McConkie and Anderson. The ward is getting merged together into one companionship so Elder Anderson and I will have our hands full! haha.

I had the opportunity to confirm Lucky Collins on Sunday! That was such an amazing privilege. I felt the spirit run through me and help give me the words to say. The coolest thing about it is after I had that experience, I felt so much more love for that kid. I already loved him, but it was crazy how much more I cared about him after having the opportunity to use the priesthood to serve him and confirm him.

Andre also got baptized this week! Andre comes and plays ball with us every morning at 6 o clock. He is way chill and is becoming one of my best friends in the mission. It only took him 3 weeks to get baptized and he wants to serve a mission now! He is 25 so he has to start his preparation now but he is so amazing. I know he can do it! He already started talking to the stake president about it!

Well that’s about all I have time for today! Thanks for all you do! I really appreciate your support! I pray for you all every night. I feel your prayers every day! I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I know that because He lives we can be FULLY healed and also strengthened when we feel that we are not capable to accomplish or overcome the various things that we face in life. I know that this is Christ’s church established on the earth today. There is no doubt in my mind. I feel the spirit testify this to me every day and there is no greater feeling. God knows and loves us all. He is aware of us and if we trust in him, nothing else matters.

Elder Fischer

1. This is my boy Andre at the baptism! He is a baller. Looking forward to working with him for the next few months!
2 & 3. So there was a “prediction” that the San Andreas fault was going to slip last Thursday… Everyone said it was predicted to be a 9.8 at 4 o clock. One of those crazy prediction things – but anyway, we told Elder Mercado that we had to pack up and move to Hemet for the night because it’s on the other side of the fault line and we would be safe there.. So he packed up all of his stuff sheets – clothes – everything. He was super excited and was ready to go to Hemet! hahahaha he brought food and juice – the whole package. Elder Thurman was even acting like he was super scared and crying and Elder Mercado was comforting him say that they had earthquakes in Mexico and he knew that we would be ok. But he got super mad when he found out we were just messing with him..hahaha.

P1030038 P1030030 P1030031




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