Giving the sacrament back to the Savior

12 06 2015

This week was a busy one! I don’t think we ever had a full hour for lunch. I don’t think we ever got in bed before 12. And I’m pretty sure we never got to sleep in until 6:30…And I got sick on Monday to top it all off! haha but this week was still sooooo great and I learned a ton.

On Monday and Tuesday we said good bye to the outgoing missionaries and trained the incoming missionaries. That was probably my favorite meeting of the week. I love the attitude and brightness that the new missionaries bring into the mission.

On Friday we had our first exchange of the transfer! We have 11 more to do! I think Elder Anderson and I probably only have 5 or 6 more days were we will actually get to work together as companions in our area. It’s crazy how much stuff is going on right now!

On Sunday I got to confirm Andre. He is the man! But he still likes LeBron. We can forgive him though. He gets the priesthood this Sunday and is pumped to start going out with us on splits!

Elder Nielson flew in on Sunday and we had meetings with him all day on Monday and Tuesday. He talked about the Atonement, Obedience, and Leadership. I learned so much that my physical body couldn’t even handle it! haha I got sick on Monday night but I’m getting a lot better.

One thing that I learned and wanted to share was a thought that Elder Nielson shared with us on Tuesday. He said he had the opportunity to attend Elder L Tom Perry’s funeral service and he noticed that as they brought the casket in, everyone was incredibly reverent, quiet, and respectful. The spirit was so strong. Then he said that we need to see our sacrament services in that same light. We need to get rid of all of the electronic distractions and be more focused on the savior. Just as we are so reverent at funeral services, we should bring that same reverence into the sacrament service because it is very similar. We have emblems of Jesus Christs body and blood laying on the table, and what could be thought of as the burial cloth covering them. If Christ body was truly there on Sunday, how much different would you act during the Sacrament? That’s something that really struck home for me.

In Luke 22:42-44 it tells us of the pain and suffering that Christ felt. Our Savior cried out to his father pleading for and begging to deliver him if there was some other way. But there wasn’t and because He was perfectly obedient, He continued to suffer. I’m grateful for a loving Savior who went through so much for me – who knows me and understands everything I go though.

In 3 Nephi 18:6-12 we read of the commandment that Christ has given us. In respect and reverence of that sacrifice that He made for us, He asks us to ALWAYS go to church, partake of the sacrament, and to remember what He has done for us. He asks for 3 hours from our week. and at the very least, 10 mins of respect and reverence where our minds are completely centered and focused on Him. In return, He promises to continue to bless us as we keep his commandments.

I know my mind will be so much more focused on my Savior during the sacrament. I hope all of you will feel the same way. I promise that as you do so, you will feel his spirit with you more frequently and powerfully in your life!

Thank you for all you do and for staying in touch! Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Fischer

1.On the way to the airport with my homies! gonna miss these guys!
2. Elder Blomfield! He was my first AP! Good luck in Canada bud!
3. Elder McConkie! Ill miss my East Coast Buddy!
4. Elder Thurman! Learned a ton from this dude!
5. First night of numbers on sunday night…
6. How we doooo in the CRM
7. “”

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