Randall and Thurman, Multi Zones, and “Birfday” BAPTISMS!

31 07 2015

This week was pretty amazing! So much happened and it went by tooooo fast! I blinked and it was already pday again…

Wednesday and Friday we had muti-zones conferences. Those were awesome! It’s interesting to see how the spirit directs the meeting and how changes are made in training based off the group of missionaries that we are with for that day. But those meetings last from 7:00-4:30 which seems really really long but its goes by pretty fast. My favorite part was the door approaches that we practiced. Our mission doesn’t tract so when we receive referrals to go visit people, sometimes missionaries are really awkward at the door. They don’t really know how to start up a conversation. So we trained on that and practiced it over and over again. We all had a lot of fun with it! I closed doors on people’s faces on multiple occasions…because they were awkward…but everyone had a great time!

Thursday was my Birfday! Thanks to everyone who made it so special! I really had a blast! I was lucky enough to go on exchanges to my very first ward! And we saw soooo many miracles! One that sticks out was when we found 2 people that were just waiting to be taught and invited to be baptized! By the time we finished our lesson and invited them to be baptized, they were sooooo excited! I wish I could go through the teaching process with them but the other two elders that will teach them are great! So I know they will do a good job!

Randall and Thurman also came down to visit this week! Randall was my trainer and Thurman was my last companion. They were best friends and from the same hometown. It was great to see them again! I found myself feeling bad for them…we left lunch and went our separate ways and I was thinking about how badly it would stink to be in their position and not be going out to teach people about the gospel! haha I’m sure they miss it but they are at a different stage in their lives right now!

Sunday we had a BAPTISM! The perfect ending to an amazing week! Her name is Alexzya. We have been working with her for a while now. She has been wanting to get baptized but her family has been holding her up. It was so cool to see how the Lord had his hand in the whole process. At first the family didn’t want her to get baptized. Then one day her brother Jonathan was at church and had a seizure. Dropped to the ground and starting seizing right in the middle of priesthood opening exercises. Well because of that, the bishop met with the family and found out that they were struggling financially and had no food. That same day we had members of our Relief Society over at their house with TONS of food and support for them. This softened their hearts and ever since that time, they were much more supportive and now Alexzya is BAPTIZED! I’m not saying that God caused Jonathan to have a seizure. But I do know that his hand was in this work and that he works in ways that we don’t always understand to bring his children back to him! This work cannot be done without his hand guiding us.

I know the church is true. Jesus Christ is at the head of it. This is not a man-made church. It is the same one Jesus Christ established on the earth during his mortal ministry and we all need to be a part of it. We start that journey through entering the waters of BAPTISM. Everyone needs to be baptized and come unto him! I’m so grateful that I can be a part of this work in helping others to do so!

Have a great week!

Elder Fischer

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Giving back to Him!

27 07 2015

“The needs of others are ever present, and each of us can do something to help someone.”

“By love serve one another”

“For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it”

“I believe the Savior is telling us that unless we lose ourselves in service to others, there is little purpose to our own lives. Those who live only for themselves eventually shrivel up and figuratively lose their lives, while those who lose themselves in service to others grow and flourish—and in effect save their lives.”

There is soooooo much service to do in the world today. Fortunately for me, I have the best service in helping others to be BAPTIZED. It’s so incredible. It opens the gate for them to feel the influence of the Saviors’ atonement in their lives. What more could I ever ask for??

Service hasn’t always been something that is easy for me. But the more I do it, the more I love it. I believe it’s part of the process of putting off the natural man. Notice the words process… meaning that it doesn’t happen all at once. But as we continue to serve with a cheerful attitude and in a Christ-like manner, it begins to be what brings us the most joy.

Throughout my life, I’ve caught myself seeing situations and people that may be less fortunate and wondering when things will come together for them. I see that they struggle or maybe just haven’t found a purpose in life yet. And I’ve sat there and thought what it is that’s going to turn them around. But I’ve thrown so much time out of the window as I’ve waited for someone else to help them when I am perfectly capable of helping them on my own. We are the Saviors’ hands on the earth today.

As always, our perfect example of a leader, minister, and one who served always is Jesus Christ. He came to this earth to bring salvation to all and did so by giving his life as a ransom. And in the time that he had, he dedicated EVERY second to serving others around him. He didn’t pass someone in need and expect someone else to handle it. He did it himself. I know that this kind of charity and selfless service brings more happiness to us than anything else. It’s easy to serve those we love. I know I would do anything for those that I love. The hard part is serving those who we may not yet love. Through service, we can come to love them too.

I know that Jesus is the Christ, The Son of God, The Savior and Redeemer of the world. He is our perfect example, The king of kings, Lord of Lords, The captain of our souls. I’m so grateful for Him and His service to me. I hope that each one of us will GO and give back to him by reaching out to others in need.

Hope you all have a great week! Thanks for all of your service to me!

Elder Fischer

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Happy Father’s Day

18 07 2015

Helaman 5-7
5 For they remembered the words which their father Helaman spake unto them. And these are the words which he spake:
6 Behold, my sons, I desire that ye should remember to keep the commandments of God; and I would that ye should declare unto the people these words. Behold, I have given unto you the names of our first parents who came out of the land of Jerusalem; and this I have done that when you remember your names ye may remember them; and when ye remember them ye may remember their works; and when ye remember their works ye may know how that it is said, and also written, that they were good.
7 Therefore, my sons, I would that ye should do that which is good, that it may be said of you, and also written, even as it has been said and written of them.

I know it’s a day late but I’m sooooo grateful for my father! He has set an example for me that I am immensely grateful for. I think of his example everyday as I try to improve in my missionary efforts.
I love these scriptures because, for me, they speak of the importance for fathers. The impact that Helaman had made on his sons, my dad has made on me. I know that just as Helaman desired his sons to keep the commandments of God and declare repentance unto the people, my dad does too.
The words Jesus Christ and Fischer are the biggest words on my name tag. It helps me to remember what is most important. First Jesus Christ, that’s why I am here. Everyone needs to know of him and his sacrifice for man. Salvation is possible thru him. Second, as I look at my personal name, I think of the type of missionary my father would have been. And the type of missionary my brother would have been. And the missionaries that they still are. I’m so thankful for their examples that I can look to and remember of their works. It motivates me to be the same.
I hope you all had a chance to talk to your fathers this week! They are so important to us in this life. I also hope you had a chance to talk to your father in heaven! He is the one who has blessed us with our families and given us this wonderful opportunity to live and grow!
This week was great! I learned a lot! I had lots of opportunities to minister to missionaries that we went on exchanges with! I love this work and all the many challenges and opportunities it brings!
Love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Fischer

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Desires Dictate our Priorities

18 07 2015

“Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions. The desires we act on determine our changing, our achieving, and our becoming.”
“Therefore, what we insistently desire, over time, is what we will eventually become and what we will receive in eternity.”

“As important as it is to lose every desire for sin, eternal life requires more. To achieve our eternal destiny, we will desire and work for the qualities required to become an eternal being. For example, eternal beings forgive all who have wronged them. They put the welfare of others ahead of themselves. And they love all of God’s children. If this seems too difficult—and surely it is not easy for any of us—then we should begin with a desire for such qualities and call upon our loving Heavenly Father for help with our feelings. ”

Something that we are focusing on in our mission is becoming. So that entails a few different things but the one i am focusing on is becoming a passionate disciple of Jesus Christ. I have a testimony of missionary work. I have a knowledge that i need to be here. I know that i need to be obedient and always be diligent. BUT the question that i often ask myself is…Am I really doing everything that i can do bring souls unto Christ? In other words, I have a testimony but am i fully converted.
As I’ve pondered that question I’ve come to the conclusion that i need to realign my desires. I’m not saying i have unrighteous desires. Many of my desires to sin have left. But I don’t know if I could say that I have achieved qualities required to become an eternal being…and that’s where I hit a rut. I have the desires to achieve those qualities. I have the desires to become a passionate disciple. I have the desire to put others before myself. But there is a difference in having a desire and having a sincere and heartfelt desire. And the difference, I believe is whether or not we are acting on those desires in every situation that we face in life.
None of us are going to be perfect in this life. And we don’t need to be too hard on ourselves. But i do believe it is important that we constantly strive to improve our desires and actions. I’m starting with holding myself accountable to the Lord. No more excuses for my shortcomings. No more blaming others. I know I will fall short at times. But I also know that I have a loving heavenly father who is waiting to lift me up. I know that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I can be enabled to become more than i could ever become on my own. My desires can be magnified.
I wish I had more time to talk about this because I do feel that it is important. The Lord is asking a lot of us in this day. He has chosen us to be here at this time for a very specific reason. He needs more righteous, hardworking, faithful disciples. It’s time to rise up to a new sense of living. No more excuses. I know that we are never asked to do more than we can. As we rely of the savior, our burdens will be lightened and our strength increased.
I hope that we can always remember that “Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions. The desires we act on determine our changing, our achieving, and our becoming.”
I hope you all have a great week! Keep working hard and striving to become more!
Love you all!

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Love the Lord

18 07 2015

“God, our Father; Jesus, our Elder Brother and our Redeemer; and the Holy Ghost, the Testator, are perfect. They know us best and love us most and will not leave one thing undone for our eternal welfare.Should we not love them for it and honor them first?”
“Men and women who turn their lives over to God will discover that He can make a lot more out of their lives than they can. He will deepen their joys, expand their vision, quicken their minds, strengthen their muscles, lift their spirits, multiply their blessings, increase their opportunities, comfort their souls, raise up friends, and pour out peace. Whoever will lose his life in the service of God will find eternal life.”
Earlier this week, we had to meet some missionaries at a stake center building. We had a meeting with President Mullen. A couple missionaries had decided to be…not obedient. There was lots of movie watching, staying up late, and sleeping in. President Mullen asked Elder Anderson and me to come with him and also to go on exchanges with some of those missionary companions to help them gain a love and passion for the work. During the meeting President Mullen asked the question “Why are you here on a mission?” There were lots of different answers. Some people said because it’s a priesthood responsibility. Some said because they want to share the happiness this gospel has brought to them etc etc…as they were giving their answers it gave me time to reflect of why I was serving a mission. And I’m grateful for that meeting because now when anyone asks me that question I can proudly and confidently state that it’s because I love the Lord.

I continued to study the topic throughout the week because I want everything that I do in my life to be motivated by my love for the Lord. I read a chapter in the current priesthood manuel. It’s chapter 1 and it talks about Ezra Taft Bensons love for the Lord. He truly was motivated by his love for the Lord in everything that he did. One of my favorite things that he said was “When we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives”. I LOVE that! And it’s so true. If we can get that principal down and integrated into every decision we make, we will be so happy. We won’t even know what to do with all of our happiness! So I think back to my decision to serve a mission. Which decision will show that I love God? Going on a mission, or staying home? When we are tempted to sin, we should ask ourselves that same question. Even in times when it may not be a sin, there is always a good, better, and best. And the best decision will be the one that demonstrates that we truly love God.

We also had the opportunity to go to the temple again this week! We are so blessed to be able to go every 3 months. It really is the house of the Lord. I can’t wait until I can go more regularly!

Things in our area are going very well! We are having lots of success and having fun while we do it! The Lord continues to bless us as we work hard and in his way! Just as he promises!

I hope we will all turn our lives over to God and always ask ourselves if our decisions prove that we love the Lord. Nothing will bring us greater happiness!

Elder Fischer

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