Crazzzzy week! 8/31

10 09 2015

There weren’t many dull moments in the past week. It just seems like there isn’t enough time in the day! This email will probably be very random because a little bit of everything happened…

Soooo it was week 1 which means lots of friends leaving and lots of new friends coming in! It is soooo much fun to see new missionaries riding down the escalators with there bright, shining, moon faced smiles. And you can always tell which ones are from Utah…hahaha just kidding. well..kind of.. But it’s great to have their excitement and fire in the mission! We get to spend lots of time introducing them to the mission and all of the procedures that go on from day to day. Then comes the testimony meeting and their assignment to their trainers. During one of the trainings for the trainers in the mission, we had a member of our mission presidency speak and something that he said that really stuck out to me was this “Being a parent is having your heart walk around outside your body for the rest of your life”. I don’t know why but that really struck me. I felt like that was the perfect way to explain how I think my parents feel about me. And I’m eternally grateful for that. But I also know that I will feel that way for my children as well. We get a little sample of that on the mission as we work with children of our Heavenly Father and also as we train new missionaries. They really rely on you and depend on your guidance to learn how to navigate through mission life. Training has been one of my favorite things to do thus far.

Elder Dyer and I also had the opportunity to sit down with Elder Hamula. He is the seventy over all the missions in California. He just discussed with us how the riverside mission was doing. His purpose was to get acquainted with things and learn more about all of the missions in California. He is visiting 4 missions in less than a week. So he has been incredibly busy. But the spirit that he had about him was so admirable. I feel like I learned so much just from that short interview. He gave me lots of good advice that I hope to apply to the rest of my mission and also my life!

Lastly we had the opportunity to see Allan get baptized yesterday! Allan is a prime example of why member missionary work is so important! He has such a strong testimony and already wants to serve a mission. He has an amazing grasp on the principals of the gospel. Incredible faith in Jesus Christ and the plan that he has for him. Allan is a huge example to me and did something that I’m not sure I could have done. I’m so grateful for an amazing family who previously made the decision to be faithful to this gospel and be a part of Jesus Christ’s church. Because thats not the case for Allan. He is the first in his family. And his family told him that if he got baptized then they were going to kick him out. Allan is 18 and just graduated from high school. But because of his faith he still made the decision to be baptized. And because of the love and charity of ward members, he will have a place to live.

That’s about all I have time for today! So much happens every week! I wish I had time to explain it all! Thanks for all that you do! Thank you for your prayers and your continual testimonies and example to me! The Church is true! God lives! Jesus is the Christ! Love you all!

Elder Fischer






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