JOSEPH’s Has Entered at the Gate!

28 10 2015

Another GREAT week in the CRM! Lots of meetings, exchanges, illnesses, annnnnnnnnd a BAPTISM!

Meetings are fun. They always are.. sometimes things get repetitive BUT the reason that we have meetings is so that we can learn. And what makes learning most effective?? When it is accompanied by the spirit! So even thought tomorrow will make the 5th time ive been in this SAME multi-zone conference i am excited because i know that i will be able to learn by the spirit and receive more revelation for my life! Its an interesting experience because i can learn something completely different even though the same doctrines and principals are being taught. It just depends on what the Lord wants to teach me that day!

Exchanges are fun…Its always a great opportunity to learn from one another.

Done being sick. Being sick is NOT fun. I do not want it anymore..but i feel good today! So hopefully it is finally over.

BAPTISMS are the BEST! Joseph is one of the most prepared people I’ve ever met. You see, Joseph was born in a time of great confusion. He often wondered which church he should join. So many taught from the same bible (unless you are one of the religions that just takes out some scriptures that you don’t like) but taught different principals. How could Joseph know which one was correct? Ask the MISSIONARIES! We will tell ya:) On a more serious note, he has had some pretty serious struggles in his past life but he is so intelligent and elect. He has been looking for a year and half for this gospel! After talking with sister missionaries in SLC for a few weeks, he finally gathered up the courage to call us! And I’m so greatful that he did! Because 3 and a half weeks later he has entered in at the gate! Joseph is such an example to me. He was so nervous that he said he felt like he was going to faint as he stood at the steps. But today he texted us telling us how GRATEFUL he was that we were able to help him make these steps in his life. So many other religions just wouldnt answer his questions that he had. But we love questions! So it worked out perfect!

Something else that really impressed me was the negative influences that Joseph was able to over come. His family wasn’t very supportive and wouldn’t come to the baptism, but he did bring his atheist friend… He came to church and to his baptism. But after church he said he had some questions for us. He was just quoting all of the same Anti-Mormon literature that I have heard my whole mission. But what impresses me is that despite this influence, Joseph still knew that this was the right path for him. Many life long members get consumed in that kind of information and fall way. But not Joseph!

Because his friend Andrew came to the baptism, we showed the video “the Hope of Gods Light”. If you haven’t seen it, I highly encourage it. It’s amazing. But I hope and pray that the video touched Andrew’s life. Because this gospel really does offer so much hope. Hope for a better life tomorrow. And next week. And next year. And throughout all the eternities!

Lastly, I wanted to talk a little bit about opposition. At time in our lives, we think that because we are going through opposition, we are doing something wrong. Or we just aren’t good enough. A hard burden to bear is placed upon us so we think we are failures as we struggle through it. IT’S NOT TRUE! Opposition is so necessary! In missionary work. In family life. In school. We need opposition. It is an integral part of God’s plan for us. I like to compare it to lifting weights because I’m a lot bigger than Weston now. When I lift weights, gravity says that those weight are going to fall down to the ground. It’s going to oppose the direction that I want them to go in. If the weight was too light, or if someone lifted the weight for me, I wouldn’t grow. I wouldn’t become stronger. In fact, the times when I gain the most muscle is when I have more weight that I can handle with MY own strength. It’s when I’m on my last rep and then someone forces me to do one more. And there is no way i can do it. Im just not strong enough. Then as I exercise my faith to do one more I believe that I will be able to push the weight back up, even though gravity says no, I have a spotter who lifts JUST enough to help me rerack the weights. Thats when I build the most muscle. And so it is in our lives. We face opposition. EVERYDAY forces push against us. So much so that we cant fight them alone. But just when we are about to break, we can call upon the best spotter, Jesus Christ, who has already lifted the weight for us. And He WILL deliver us.

I hope and pray that we can all learn from the opposition that we face in our day to day lives! I love and care for all of you! I hope you have the best weeks ever!

Elder Fischer

Joesph's Baptism




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