San Bernardino Shooting

8 12 2015

We received an email from Elder Fischer’s Mission President after the shootings in CA last week to inform us that all missionaries were safe and accounted for.  The shooting did not occur in Zack’s mission however the ensuing car chase did enter into his mission and actually on the main thorough fare where he is currently serving.  Here is his response to my question I asked in my weekly letter this week:

Questions: How has the shooting affected your mission work this week or has it? Has it made people more receptive or more suspicious?

Answer: It hasn’t really affected the work in the mission. Just the day of. Some people were pretty scared. For some parts of the mission, we had to call missionaries in. Just the ones that bordered San Bernardino. Apparently there was a chase following the shootings that led down into Riverside. And it was off the freeway right next to the main/biggest road in MY area. So that’s crazy.. haha

I also asked him another question about his current assignment – he is traveling around the mission and spending 3 or 4 days with different companionships and this was part of his response – I loved what he said about faith and wanted to share it with all.

Answer: One insight that I’ve gained is that the Lord is preparing people in every area (to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ). It isn’t just sporadic spots in the mission that are really amazing for missionary work. But the principal of faith is vital. We need to have faith to ACT. Because Faith is a principal of power, it can yield some impressive results as we truly trust that the Lord is preparing people for us.

Below is Elder Fischer’s letter for this week:

Hey! I don’t really have time to say much today. But I wanted to send something off real quick!

Today we went golfing again. I didn’t seem to hit them as straight but that’s golf for you. It will teach you patience real fast. I started off well, but then hit a slump. But that’s life! Lots of ups and downs. Luckily we have the Atonement to carry us through. Fortunately, Jesus Christ has already played the full course for us and He got a perfect score! However, he also experienced the sand traps, water hazards, and large trees that seem to always stand in the way of your ball. And He will ALWAYS give us a Mulligan (Do-over) when we ask for it. Sometimes He will even give us a footwedge (Dad should know what I mean) to help us get out of tricky situations. Haha I know this was all a stretch but it’s all true! I’m grateful for this time of year to reflect on the Saviors birth. I’m grateful for His Atonement. Because of it, there is no transgression, sin, mistake or trial that we cannot overcome. As we come to apply the Atonement into our everyday lives, we will feel his hand guiding us. He can free us from guilt, pain, regret, and sorrow. I am SO grateful His life, ministry, teachings, example, and atonement. Especially after going golfing. Sometimes we need it the most after that…hehe jk.

Everything is going well here! The work is great! The missionaries are awesome! Ward is amazing! We are safe. No terrorists can stop the work from progressing! Persecutions may rage, mobs may combine, armies may assemble and calumny may defame…They(terrorists) can leave. No one wants them here…

Love you all! Hope you are enjoying your Christmas season! Give give give this Christmas season! Give to someone who you don’t think deserves it. You will be blessed. I promise.

Elder Fischer


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