Come to the Mountain of the Lord!

16 03 2016

This week was the temple week! It was my last one out here so that was pretty bittersweet. Mostly bitter. But I had an amazing experience as usual! The temple is truly a place where we can feel peace, gain guidance and direction, and receive answers. Pretty awesome place so if you haven’t been lately, you should check it out!

This week I believe I learned what it means to really love someone. There are some people that I’ve met that I feel such a close connection to. It’s almost like you’re family. I wish that I could give them EVERYTHING. One family comes to mind that weve been working with recently. I feel like I’ve known them for my entire life. About half of their family has been baptized. I want nothing more than to see their entire family at church and on the road to baptism and confirmation. To begin their journey to eternal life together forever. We came sooooo close this week! One of their daughters texted me and she was so excited because her dad had a turn in attitude and said that he wanted his whole family to come to church. Unfortunately, because of last minute circumstances that arose, they were not able to make it.

Following that experience I was reflecting on why it meant so much to me. Or why their family means so much to me. I realized that Heavenly Father has truly blessed me with an increased capacity to love them. I believe that I saw through His eyes a tiny bit of how He feels for us. How much He truly loves us. Then my mind just took off! I felt such a love and desire to help them to learn of the gospel and of their Savior. I wanted them to come to church so badly and to have an amazing experience. I wanted to see all 12 of them at church taking up an entire row. I knew that by doing so, the Lord would bless them for keeping his commandments. They would feel peace, receive answers, gain guidance. There was no doubt in my mind. And I wanted to put all of that on a silver platter and hand it to them. BUT they had to come to church to get it… They still have to use their agency to make the decision. And when they didn’t come, I was so sad. I wasn’t angry. I wasn’t mad. But I was really sad because I knew that by keeping Gods commandments and coming to church they would have a spiritual experience with the Savior. So that was how I personally felt..

I was reflecting on the lessons that I could learn from that. And I realized that if we can care for others in that capacity then our Heavenly Father must really really love us. If I’m sad when these people make poor decisions or go against His commandments, think about how He feels. He isn’t angry at us. He isn’t mad at us. But He is really sad. And He wants us to do better. Why? Because He really does want what is best for each of us. He knows that we missed out on an opportunity to receive His blessings. It’s like He has this HUGE surprise party planned for us and we never showed up….That would be the WORST! But He won’t take away our agency. He wants soooo badly for us to make the right decision. But it is still up to us. It’s hard to describe. I guess my words cannot even describe the love or compassion that I feel. I’ve never felt it before. Not for anyone other than my family. I think about what I use to think love was but I think I’ve truly come to know.

Well I promise you that Heavenly Father loves you all a lot! He is aware of you. He isn’t mad at you. He isn’t angry with you. He has not turned His back on you. He is not with holding answers from you. His arms of mercy are always open. He is always speaking to us. We just have to be listening. He is always on our team. He wants the absolute best for us. He wants us to be happy, to receive all that He has, and to live with Him forever. So turn to him! He loves ya! It’s true. I checked.

Hope you all have a great week!

Love ya all!

Elder Fischer

1. Me and Elder Caples

Elder Caples




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